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Top Washington, D.C. video production insights 2024 – Trends To Use In Your Next Production

The film industry is seeing some exciting changes in 2024 and these new trends are really going to shake up the way filmmakers use film to help you tell your story. In 2020, about 61 percent of companies used videos as a marketing tool, but this year, that number is over 80 percent. That means that you need to make a sound investment and hire a Top Washington, D.C. video production company to help you produce an incredible, professional video campaign to help you stay at the top of the game. It isn’t just a smart idea- it is a move that could mean breathing new life into your company and keeping you successful for years to come. When you are researching the best Washington, D.C. video production agency to produce your campaign, be aware of the new trends that you will want to use in your films and make sure the company is able to handle them.

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Using Your Video Production To Speak Directly To Customers

Engaging your consumers via a combo of video and apps may seem hard, but it is a trend that is taking off because there is some general ease to it and because today’s consumer likes to have personalized interactions with corporations. A full service Washington, D.C. video production company can help you utilize this trend by creating exciting video content that you can use either on your personal website, or on your social media sites, and when a consumer visits those sites, they enter their information into an app or a specific place on the site and the video gets personalized to use their name and other information, essentially tailoring the video production to them. This is a quick and easy way to create a generic film but have it feel as it is customized for your audience. If this is a trend you want to capitalize upon, hire a video producer that is familiar with website video production.

Building a Story line With A Video Production Studio

In the past, Washington, D.C. video marketing companies have created campaigns by using one film that gets the job done. In 2024, we see that longer films aren’t getting the attention of audiences, anymore, and building a story with a few smaller films is the way to go. Remember- consumers like things customized and succinct, and that is what these films are capable of being. Whether you own a business in The Washington Metro region, or an advertising agency on 18th Street in the Adams Morgan corridor, using a production company that knows digital marketing in The Nation’s Capital is a smart move to getting you a film that will intrigue your consumers.

These films also allow you to reach more people at one time, because they can be shared on multiple platforms. Hiring a video production studio to produce the short films is going to be necessary because you need more than just a video company to make sure the films are cohesive and consistent. This takes the work of a full service video production studio so that your story is told properly.

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Choose Hybrid Video Production Services in Washington, D.C.

Wowing your customer is going to be just as important as engaging them, because consumers want to be entertained. If you want to use a trend that will make consumers take notice, hybrid video production services is your answer. Hybrid video production help you combine live streaming with video.

Live streams are popular, right now, and that popularity is only growing, so it is imperative that you choose a Top Washington, D.C. video production company that understands how important it is to have webcasting and streaming available, but you also want to work with a Washington, D.C. production house that can create video elements, like a chyron or lower third, and insert them into webcast streaming. This is important because the lower third graphic can give consumers information that they need while not interrupting the live feed.

Washington, D.C. Film Production Companies That Create Micro-Films Are On Trend

In the age of information we are seeing new demands for how people want to get their information. Today’s consumer want their news, sports, and entertainment now and they don’t like a lot of fluff. Micro-films are becoming a huge hit with today’s largest consumer demographic, and corporations that want to create these 30 seconds or less videos need to find Washington, D.C. film production companies that specialize in them. Particularly, film production companies in Washington, D.C. that have experience with making micro-films for social media sites is where you want to look, because social media is where the majority of these films are placed.

Sites like Facebook make it easy to view the films while scrolling through your feed, but also make them easy to share with the click of a button. This means that your film gets seen by viewers you didn’t even intend to target, expanding your consumer base for free, essentially. A creative agency understands the value in that, and knows that video marketing in 2024 has reached new levels.

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Select a Washington, D.C. Production Company That Knows Live Streaming

One of the latest trends is one you have probably already noticed- “Live” videos, which are usually posted on social media sites. In 2024, companies are jumping on that bandwagon and setting themselves apart from other corporations. No, they aren’t all doing a live video using a phone, but many do decide to hire a Washington, D.C. production company that is able to handle live interviews. The production company will help you with connecting a live-stream of you or a staff member being interviewed or discussing the changes your company is bringing to the market or whatever other material you think your audience would love to see!

Consumers enjoy this type of film because it gives them a glimpse into your company’s goings-on, which helps them feel more connected to you. Hiring a Top Washington, D.C. video production company that is close to you is strategic move, because they can be available for live interviews if you want to do them often, and you definitely should.

Choose a Washington, D.C. Video Production Agency That Knows Blogging Is Important

Think of a Washington, D.C. video production agency and what comes to mind? You probably thought of film services, naturally, but did you know that blogging is an important tool for corporations to have these days? Some of the top production companies in Washington, D.C. are producing short films that use a call to action (ie: Visit our website) to help drive consumers to a company website. Once there, consumers will find in-depth blogs that keep them interested.

Studies have shown that companies who have a well-maintained blog create a loyal following, because consumers feel like they get to know you better, and don’t just associate your name with a material product or a service you offer. A qualified video production agency can help you keep consumers interested while they read your blog by creating short films that are embedded within the blog, blending both the written word and film to keep consumers entertained.

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Beverly Boy Productions DC

Choosing a Top Washington, D.C. video production company that will help you stay on top of the latest trends to create a compelling film that viewers want to see takes more effort than just searching for “production companies near me” and selecting the first one you see. You want to make sure you are hiring a company that knows the trend, knows how to make corporate videos, and knows how to look forward to the trends that will be hitting the markets next year so that you can have a corporate video campaign that keeps you ahead of the game. Beverly Boy Productions knows how to look out for trends, and we know corporate video, so we can offer you film services that are the most advanced in the market.