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Building Emotional Connections with Brand Videos

Brand videos represent one of the most popular means of delivering content to consumers today. Unlike the past where a branded commercial was the way to engage the audience and show them what your brand was about, today’s marketers understand the powerful art of storytelling and the power of emotional connections to generate consumer trust and dedication to your brand. Brand videos that connect emotionally with the audience are less about the who and what, and more about the why and how of your brand. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that brands are using video to connect on an emotional level with consumers.

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Tell Your Story

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Branded videos that tell your story must do so in a way that provides a unique perspective to the audience. There’s so much competition out there that any old story won’t due.

Today’s most influential marketers know that a unique, captivating brand story delivers an engaging look at how your brand works and what it’s doing in a way that makes consumers WANT to be a part of your offering.

Tapping into the emotions of the consumer, brand videos that tell your story represent a focus on philosophy and consumer interest where connections are key. Visually, branded videos represent practices, processes and the important physical elements of the brand.

Emotionally, the content must deliver the message in a way that engages the audience without them realizing they were even watching a promotional feed.

Use Powerful Emotional Triggers

Powerful emotional triggers are another means of delivering brand videos that connect with the consumer. Great marketers understand the power of emotional triggers that make the audience feel compelled to continue watching and to further connect with your brand.

So what emotions can video connect with?

Consider the following emotional triggers that you can connect with your audience with:

  • Joy – evoking a sense of joy begins with delivering a story that makes the consumer happy to be a part of what they see. Consider humor to evoke a sense of joy from your audience.
  • Pride – marketing campaigns that empower the consumer or those involved to take action evoke a sense of pride and satisfaction with the activities. We frequently see this in content related to women’s health.
  • Amusement – Can you amuse your audience with your branded video? If so, you’ve just connected emotionally with them. Consider humor or steps to make the audience feel happy and amusement will surely deliver the engagement you desire.
  • Fear – it’s not always appropriate to use fear tactics in marketing but when you evoke fear from a video you help the consumer to see the importance of your mission. This is a common means of emotional connection for non-profits and those seeking to promote hygiene or medical products.
  • Surprise – can you surprise your audience? If so, connecting with the emotional element of surprise may work well for your branded video content. Surprises train the audience to stay focused on your content.
  • Affection – get the consumer to feel affection for you and you’ve produced a brilliant piece of content for sure. Consumer affection increases social shares and engagement.
  • Uncertainty – when you use video content to evoke a sense of uncertainty within the consumer they are more likely to check out the links or associated content that you share in your feed. They genuinely WANT to know whether what you say is true or not so they are compelled to follow further.
  • Trust – the ultimate consumer connection that marketers seek is trust. Get the consumer to trust you or your brand and you’re golden. Generating content that evokes a sense of trust isn’t always as easy as it sounds but with proper care to consumer attitudes and beliefs, you can achieve trust that will lead to more interaction with your brand.

Using Emotional Connections to Your Advantage

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Now that you have key elements of emotion hammered out, you can plan your branded video content in a way that uses emotional connections to your advantage. Major marketers know that the best way to get consumers to engage with their content is through the delivery of stories and other branded video content that the consumer actually feels emotionally connected to dedicated to.

Knowing which emotion to evoke is the first major step. Once you determine what emotion you intend to drive, you must take steps to deliver content that will generate the said outcome.

For instance, if you wish to generate higher conversions with your branded videos, you’ll want to spike the consumer emotion of desire or interest in your brand.

As you work to build the emotion of your video that will keep your audience engaged, consider:

  • Use talent to your advantage to keep user interest engaged. Great talent delivers your key message in a way that the average person simply isn’t able to.
  • Use music to connect deeply on an emotional level with the consumer. Studies show that music represents deep emotional connections that users are unaware of.
  • Test content before delivery. If you did not evoke the intended emotion in the test, keep working until you are confident that you can evoke the said emotions that will result in higher conversions for your brand.

Collaborate with Team Beverly Boy

Creating branded videos that connect with consumers on an emotional level is all about planning and execution. As you plan your content activities, take special care to consider the emotional connections that you wish to evoke with each written word, each filmed scene, and each consumer connection that is made.

For help creating video content that will connect with your consumer on a deeply emotional level, call Beverly Boy Productions today! We can’t wait to put our two decades of professional corporate video production skills to work to represent the powerful emotional connections between your brand and the consumer.