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5 Reasons to Produce Video for Corporate Training

The use of video training in corporations is a growing trend. COVID-19 and changes in the way we interact with one another have greatly impacted corporate training programs. Many corporations have reduced their training, others have adjusted the training programs to provide repeat training sessions offering smaller groups, and still others (those that are smartest) are opting to use video for corporate training. Check out these top reasons to produce a video for corporate training both during COVID-19 and beyond.

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1. Consistent Training Regardless of Timing

First and foremost, many major brands are shifting to video for corporate training for the consistency that comes from this form of training. When you create corporate training videos, you can rest assured that every training session is delivered in the exact same manner as the last. There are no changes in content, delivery, or overall value. When training matters most, consistency is key!

Consistency is key

2. Cost-Effective Training

Many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs and continue training their staff without tacking on another bill. When you produce a video for corporate training, you are cutting typically training costs down substantially. While you may think, “but doesn’t it cost a lot to produce video content?” You might be surprised! When you can create a single training session that will be used over and over, the cost savings are significant. Think of how much you can save in travel, lodging, time off work, and trainer fees!

3. Engaging

The use of video for corporate training is more engaging than any other form of training. While in-person training can provide a similar level of engagement, many people are nervous or afraid to be open in the learning environment and, thus, will not ask questions or seek to replace scenarios in the classroom setting. However, when you produce a video for corporate training you can expect that your audience will engage and interact with the video content that is delivered.

4. Increased Retention

Did you know that we only retain about 20-30% of what we read? So, if you hand your newly hired employee a training packet that is 10 pages long, expect them to only retain about 2 pages worth of the content. Can you determine which 8 pages are not important?  (We don’t think so!) Video for corporate training has the power to increase retention by up to 80% or more. Would you rather your new employee know 20% of what you teach or 80%?

5. Time-Saving

 Not only that, but video content can deliver significantly more information in a fraction of the time. Video is digested quickly by the audience. When you produce a video for corporate training, you have the power to deliver substantially focused training sessions for your employees and you can teach them far more than you would be able to succeed with if you shared a written training manual. Short, succinct training videos are key. Not only will employees save time by watching them on their own time, but you’ll also save time by not having to consistently retrain over and over again.

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