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5 Reasons Internal Communications Videos are Essential in Business

You’ve built a business, and now you’re ready to inject some funding towards videos that are essential to the growth of your business–but what types of videos are most useful? We’re outlining 5 reasons internal communications videos are essential in business and should be a next step for your growth. These are quickly becoming a must-have film form for large organizations and offer multiple reasons to be considered essential. With work policies changing and remote workers coming increasingly into play, internal communications videos offer an essential business communication option for distanced workers.

To help you understand what we mean when we say internal communications videos, these are videos that are specifically created for employees, contractors, or other members of the working organization. They include human resource data, how-to’s of the office, and other valuable topics that help the company to work together.

Below we look at why these types of videos are essential.

Internal Communications Video

  1. Your Audience Awaits

Corporate communications videos provide you with the opportunity to reach an invested audience that genuinely wants to hear the message you have to deliver. Unlike videos that target potential customers or prospects, these videos target your workforce and they help to improve the internal communications that take place within your business.

These videos don’t need to convert the viewer. Rather, they must help the viewer solve a corporate problem. They can explain how things work, a process, or define a goal for the business that all viewers are working towards. The idea here is to connect with the audience and help your team to work stronger.

  1. Include Industry Jargon & Personality

Unlike traditional marketing videos where we would advice that you avoid industry jargon and unnecessary words that could be difficult for the viewer to understand, internal communications videos have the unique option of including the industry jargon to connect closely with the audience. If your workers will understand what your talking about, and the details will add personality that is unique to your brand, we say go for it.

Consider including inside jokes or other funny little references that only those who work for your company would understand when watching. This helps you to connect with the viewer on a more personal approach and shows them that you trust the details with them. It also helps to show that you aren’t trying to come across as too tough.

Internal Communications Video

  1. Let Branding have a Break

Corporate marketing videos must include your branding throughout in order to remain cohesive. But, internal communications videos don’t necessarily need to remain so heavily branded and rigid in scope. In fact, as long as you do not intend to share the videos publicly outside the workforce, branding can take a break. Nobody will scrutinize the graphics of the video or ask why the brand values did not come into play.

You could even consider testing out new brand colors or a totally new brand identity in your internal communications. Test logos, or other icons in a place where only existing employees can react. If you see things are good, you can later decide whether these come into play in marketing material that is released to the public.

  1. This Is Your Chance to Look Good without Being Overly Flashy

Internal communications videos provide your brand with an opportunity to look good but relax a little. There’s no need to be overly flashy. In fact, downplaying some of the key elements of the video may be a great ideas in internal communications videos as most of your audience likely wishes they made more money. Now is NOT the time to show how flashy the brand is, when you don’t want to give old Sally in production a raise. Plus, if you want to create internal communications videos on a recurring basis, they must be scalable and cost-effective–not flashing and overdone.

Internal Communications Video

  1. A Specific Use Without the Fluff

We tend to create marketing videos that are multi purposed for several different things because we want to get the most ROI out of the spend. However, these internal communications videos will have a single, specific use–no need to multi purpose or find alternative uses. For instance, you may include a whole set of videos that helps your workers to know exactly who they represent, what they represent, and why they are working for the industry. These details are unlikely to change much along the way.

Likewise, an internal video will likely only live in one or two places where viewers can find it IF they know where to look. You can easily craft a story for the viewer because you know exactly who the audience is–you hired them. There’s no need to adjust or be prepared to modify the message to meet the varied needs of all different viewers.

Maybe you KNOW for sure the video will not be on social media. So there is no need for a social optimized film. Likewise, you may know that the videos will not be viewed from a mobile source because they are on the corporate wiki. Therefore you will not have to modify to adjust screen size and accommodate various needs. You know the video will have a specific, defined use.