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Where in the Promotional Mix is the Video Case Study?

Marketing is a challenging mix of business activities that come together to be called the promotional mix. Some refer to the promotional mix as the 7Ps of marketing, others have various other ideas of what the promotional mix entails, but overall there’s no question that case studies are a part of it. So exactly where in the marketing promotional mix is the video case study, and why?

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What is the Promotional Mix?

Otherwise referenced as the 7Ps of Marketing, the promotional mix is made up of several key strategies or elements of marketing that are an area of focus for virtually any business or brand. As you evaluate your business marketing activities, you tend to look at the promotional mix for guidance as to where you might be falling short in your messaging. So, what is the promotional mix, or what are the 7Ps? They are:


  1. Product – in marketing the first place you consult to ensure you’re on the right path is your product. Is your product suitable for your brand? Do customers need your product? We often see case study videos that represent product innovation or similar data and details.
  2. Price – the next place you’re going to focus efforts in your marketing is in the price of your products and your pricing formula. Are you pricing your products or services so that they are competitive? Are you turning a profit? Could you raise prices and still remain in the market? Many times, when we see the promotional mix, a video case study will fit into this area talking about price.
  3. Promotion – this is a habit of marketing in which you’re focusing on the message that you’re delivering and how you market and sell your products. We see case studies discuss small or very big changes in promotion that result in huge adjustments in conversions. Think about your offer, does it fit? Is it the right offer? Could it be better?
  4. Place – Where is your product or service sold? This is the fourth P in the promotional mix and it’s all about place. Think about where else you could offer your product or service and whether you’re selling in the right places. A promotional mix video case study about placement of products or services can take many forms and might send a very powerful message about your brand.
  5. Packaging – if you’re selling a tangible product, you look at the packaging and examine whether it reflects the value and benefits of the brand. There’s huge benefits to packaging and the way your brand comes across to the buyer so this is a sticking point for many businesses that is frequently overlooked and makes a great topic for a case study video.
  6. Positioning – how you position your product in the minds of consumers and in the market can have a key impact on your sales and conversions. Positioning is a review of how your product sits in the hears and minds of your target market. Could you change it? Are there better ways for your audience to think about your brand?
  7. People – the final P in the promotional mix is people and this is where you consider the people inside and outside your business that make up your brand. You look at hiring, recruiting, and retention to determine if these are the right people for the positions within your brand. A promotional mix video case study that targets people can help you see the gaps, or where changes in your staff can have incredible impacts on your business.


The Promotional Mix Video Case Study Concept

Now that you understand the many different Ps that make up the promotional mix of marketing, think about how you can create a promotional mix video case study that represents one, or many, of the Ps involved in the marketing mix. There are a variety of ways that you could target the promotional mix in order to create a case study video that highlights core concepts of marketing relative to your brand, but why would you?

Producing a video case study that highlights core elements of the promotional mix can help you to see flaws in your current marketing mix as well as to see where you could improve. Producing a video case study that targets one or more concepts of the promotional mix can also help you to show to other businesses where you stand with your brand and what you can provide as a B2B provider.