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How to Use Video to Build Brand Loyalty

Whether you’re working as an individual marketer for an agency or you’re working solely on your own brand, building strong brand loyalty is one of several needs when it comes to keeping customers on your side. Unfortunately, many businesses are unsure as to how to use video to build brand loyalty. Learning how to increase brand loyalty with video content is a very important task as doing so can greatly improve your customer focus. We’ll show you what to do.

What is Brand Loyalty Anyway?

Brand loyalty is the term used to describe customers that are loyal to your brand. They will NOT go to another potential competitor, they will not purchase from the competition, they work solely with you. Whether you’re a grocery store or an entertainer, you want your customers to be loyal and keep coming back or referring you to the people they meet. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook the use of video when it comes to building brand loyalty for their products or services.

However, video content represents an excellent opportunity to build brand loyalty amongst your customers. As long as you’re producing the right kinds of video content, you really can’t go wrong! Beverly Boy Productions can help you produce video content that will increase brand loyalty for your business. Give us a call to learn more about the services we can offer.

Use Video to Build Brand Awareness

Did you know that people retain 90% of the information that they watch on a video? Videos have great potential to increase brand awareness if you take the steps to incorporate the use of video content into your marketing mix. Use videos to reach customers that would not otherwise be interested in reading a blog post or some other written form of content.

Videos can be used on social media, business websites, and throughout industry pages to introduce new customers to your brand. Creating videos that educate and inspire customers can lead to those customers spending as much as 88% longer on your website.

customer testimonial video production

You cannot possibly be loyal to a brand if you do not know what or who the brand is. To increase brand awareness and brand loyalty through video, consider any of the following creative options:

  • Branded commercials or branded promo videos that offer a short introduction to your brand, products, or services.
  • Branded educational videos or industry specific videos that help the viewer to see your brand as an industry expert that they can trust.
  • Branded before and after videos that showcase the ability for a product or service that you offer to save time, solve a problem, or otherwise exceed customer expectations.

Use Video to Build Brand Recall

Brand Recall is the ability for your customers or potential customers to recall or remember your brand when the need arises. Brand recall is a powerful element of brand loyalty that can result in customers and potential customers seeking your products or services instead of a competitors. We see brand recall with things like McDonald’s golden arches and the ability of Google to showcase search results for nearly anything. Customers and prospective customers can call out the name of a brand dues simply to the marketing efforts that said brand has undergone.

You can use video to build brand recall by promoting your brand with a catchy phrase, colorful theme, or slogan that your customers will remember. Video has the power to visually and audibly deliver in a way that helps customers to remember specifically who you are.

Consider the following brand videos to help you build brand recall and stronger brand awareness:

  • A Day in the Life of Videos – Showcase your company in action to provide customers with a deeper connection to you and your services. They’ll be more likely to remember you later on!
  • Customer Testimonial Videos – Include short bursts of your customers stating how much they love your brand. Keep it genuine and unrehearsed to gain maximum credibility for your brand.

Use Video to Build Brand Association

When customers or potential customers have a problem, do they associate your brand with it as a means of helping out? Do customers see a certain color scheme, symbol or hear a slogan and think about your brand? This is brand association and it’s one of several ways that you can increase brand loyalty. Using video, you have the power to provide audio and visual components of your brand in a way that will help customers and prospective customers to think of your brand when they associate a certain element in life to it.

customer testimonial video production

For instance, if your pricing is too high and comes in much over the competition without offering any real added value, it is very possible that customers will associate something that is overpriced with your brand. Likewise, if you have poor customer services, customers can also associate your brand with a poor experience.

Brand Association

Pay close attention to what you can do to improve the associations that your customers and prospective customers have for your brand. The wrong associations or negative associations can result in a lot of trouble for your brand. However, positive brand associations can build customer loyalty up!

Using video, consider the following projects to increase positive association for your brand:

  • Create product review videos that highlight the positive elements of your brand.
  • Provide customer spotlight videos that showcase customers in your target market using your brand to solve a common problem.
  • Show FAQ videos to help customers learn more about your brand and understand why they should consider becoming loyal to your offering.
  • Showcase event videos that highlight your brand in the community or interacting with others in a way that will build customer loyalty. Social proof will help potential customers to realize that you are a brand that others trust and that the too can trust.

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Brand Loyalty is Built with Positive Experience

The bottom line is, you can build brand loyalty by sharing videos that represent a positive user experience with your brand. Customers that can associate a positive experience with a brand are more likely to remember, recall, associate and interact in a way that is loyal and conducive to brand growth. Here are a few more ideas on how to use video to build brand loyalty:

  • Provide welcome videos to new customers to pave the path to a healthy relationship.
  • Offer thank you videos to new customers to show that you value their decision to trust your brand.
  • Offer tutorial videos to help customers learn how to use difficult products or services.
  • Include tips and tricks videos to show customers the many different ways that your brand can be incorporated into everyday routines and solve problems along the way.
  • Use referral videos to promote programs that will benefit your client and their customers to keep coming back for your brand.

There are so many ways to use video to increase brand loyalty. Start today to begin developing a stronger following for your business.