How Small Businesses Benefit from Online Video Distribution

How Small Businesses Benefit from Online Video Distribution

Online video distribution can help you grow your small business in several ways. If you’re creating video content and you’re not currently taking the steps to distribute it online, or you’re new to the entire process, follow along with these tips to help your small business benefit from online video distribution. Now is the time to get your video content working for you!

Online Distribution is Free

Unlike television advertising which can cost excessive amounts of money upfront, online video distribution is free in most cases. You can distribute your business videos in various places online including your website, online hosts such as YouTube or Vimeo, and through your own social media channels.

The steps that you take now to plan and execute an online video distribution strategy can build your business up tremendously. If you’re not sure where to distribute your video content, begin with the obvious channels of distribution – your website, through your email newsletters, on your social networks, and on YouTube. You can always branch out to other platforms later on.

Online Video Distribution is More Effective

Traditional advertising does not allow you to reach a core audience that is targeted to your brand needs. However, distributing your videos online allows you the ability to target unique sets of viewers that are relative to your brand or the target audience for your brand.

For instance, you can distribute videos on your website where you know you are reaching your customers for sure. Likewise, you can distribute through social channels using lookalike audiences that target an audience very similar to your own. Unlike traditional advertising that simply targets a vast audience that is not unique to your brand, online distribution allows for refined targeting to take place so that you can reach the exact demographics and subsets of viewers that are most likely to be impacted by what you have to say.

Make sure your video content includes a clearly defined call to action so that your audience knows what it is you expect them to do after they watch your video. Whether it is to call you, to click on something, to visit your website or to take some other action, your call to action will help your video to produce the results you intend the content to achieve.

Online Distribution Reaches More People

Traditional media outlets are sometimes limited by the extent to which the media can reach the audience. For instance, if you advertise on a television channel, you are only able to reach viewers of that channel, and only when they are watching at precisely the right time. This leaves a lot of variables outside of your control and could result in substantially less reach for your content.

However, online distribution allows you to take steps to increase your content reach to get the video in front of more viewers. There are organic options to improve your content rankings through SEO and the use of video transcripts as well as things like social sharing and the encouragement of others to show your video to their audiences, such as through social influencer campaigns. You also have the opportunity to take part in paid campaigns that will allow your video to reach even more people.

This is great for small businesses because it is generally very affordable and the results come from actively working to share the content. The more you share, the more you reach.


Small businesses benefit from online video distribution in several different ways. Try online distribution for your video content instead of traditional advertising channels that could be costly and limited by the reach of a secluded audience. For help creating content that your viewers will love, contact Beverly Boy Productions today.

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