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4 Ways to Use Internal Communications Videos to Inspire Employees

When communicating face-to-face isn’t always an immediate option but the messages still need to be delivered, internal communications videos come into play to help businesses boost employee productivity and engage employees throughout day-to-day business operations. Technology makes internal communications possible in ways that were never before available. In fact, many businesses are now using internal communications videos to help them inspire employee productivity and interaction. We’re showing you how!

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#1. Employee Training Videos 

Traditional employee training consisted of several invasive steps that interrupted staff and upper management. In order to accomplish new employee on-boarding and training, time had to be set aside to allow for one-on-one training to take place between the new employee and a staff member that would step back to help the employee learn.

Unfortunately, this meant employees were all trained differently depending on which staff member took on the task and it also meant that typically daily operations were interrupted in order for a staff member to focus on training instead of focusing on his or her daily role.

Video makes it possible for employee training to take place when employees need it, at the convenience of the employee, and without the interruption of any key staff or other members of the corporate team.

This internal communication video option also means that every employee receives the same type of training. Gone are the days that every employee learns from someone else and potentially learns a different “way.” 

#2. Internal Communications Videos From the Boss

You’re the boss and you have a message that you want to deliver to your business–how will you do it? If you’re running a major corporation or large business that you would like to send a message out to as the CEO or upper manager.

Consider internal communication videos such as live stream videos that allow you to communicate your message to your team worldwide, or local, on-site at work or off-site. 

Live stream video communications make delivering improved messages from the CEO convenient and more personally engaging than a written note or phone call. Live stream offers a unique opportunity to deliver content which can motivate and prepare employees for the work ahead.

#3. On-boarding Videos

HR will be greatly for this internal communications video! Consider saving time and improving the employee on-boarding process by using employee on-boarding videos as part of your internal communications mix in your HR department.

Present basic skills that employees must know, deliver key details about corporate culture and help new employees get to know your business without physically walking them through the entire on-boarding process.

Just give them the on-boarding videos and a time frame upon which to watch them and the rest handled by the employee on his or her time.

The convenience alone is worth the effort, but in addition to convenience, you get on-boarding that is consistent and training for employees is equally delivered for all new hires.

#4. Consistent Practices Across Business Locations

One of the greatest challenges faced by large businesses that have multiple locations is the lack of consistency. Training varies from one location to the next, processes to open, close or otherwise operate the business vary from one location to the next, and overall the lack of consistency leads to changed quality in daily operations for each location.

Internal communications videos can be used to create uniform practices across various locations so that you know that the daily processes and procedures that are carried out are consistent regardless of where the business location is located.

Of course, you may be thinking, “can’t we just train them to operate the same? We can provide documentation.” But do you really think that every employee at every location will read long, documented practice manuals?

Internal communications videos that show these practices in action are the best way to deliver such content. Ready to produce internal communications videos for your business? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today to get started!