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23 Places to Find a Local Videographer in Toronto

If you need to find a local videographer in Toronto, you will be glad because there are tons of places where you can actually find HD videographers in Toronto. We know that you are looking to hire a Toronto videographer that is well experienced and can fulfil a variety of other support services. That’s why we have prepared this list of places where you can find local Toronto videographers that offer their services all over Ontario.

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How Do I Find a Local Videographer in Toronto?

Finding and hiring a local videographer in Ontario is all about where to search.  

Local Videographers can help you with everything from producing compelling marketing videos, to creating product demos, tutorials and customer testimonials.

Even documentaries and live events. There are tons of benefits that come with a professional Toronto videographer.

It pays to hire a pro!

The dedication, professionalism and resources for the project only comes from finding a professional videographer.

You have to hire a pro with the equipment, skills and qualities mentioned above for the success of your project. But finding this pro can certainly be challenging.

You may need an ENG or EFP crew in M1R 0E9, or a camera operator to take you around the most exciting shops in York County for a multi-day shoot capturing a live stream on CN Tower.

You definitely have to know where to find the pros. And that’s why we have prepared this list of places where you can find local videographers in Toronto that can help you with your next project

1. Beverly Boy Productions

Team Beverly Boy green screen

Starting us is Beverly Boy productions. Team Beverly Boy is the perfect place to start a list like this. An industry leader in the space and a company that loves what they do.

When it comes to hiring a Toronto videographer, the company has a very rigorous vetting process.

Beverly Boy vets local Toronto film crews that know Toronto well before recommending the film crew to you.

This ensures that the team gets the job right the first time. To find the person you are looking for, simply call their offices and speak to one of their representatives.

They will connect you to one of the local film crews right away. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

2. Reddit for Hire

Reddit is another popular platform where you can quickly get a qualified videographer.

The forum features everything from open discussions to social news aggregation to conversations about politics, cinema and even what you ate today.

The forum also features a “for hire” thread where you can hire a qualified videographer for your filmmaking troubles.

Now, searching for Toronto videographers on Reddit For Hire is as easy as posting a quick thread about your project and waiting as others engage in your conversation.

Reddit has 52 million daily active users, and there won’t miss a “Redditor” that is skilled and ready to work on your project needs

3. PeoplePerHour.com

You will be amazed how easy seeking a Toronto videographer to work on your project is at People Per Hour. You only need to submit a project at the site and wait as freelancers submit their bids.

Of course, the more detailed you are on your project needs, the more you are likely to attract relevant freelancers.

The site’s artificial intelligence will also kick in to match the best freelancers for your project so that you can get targeted professionals for this task.

Hire a Toronto freelancer that you think is best to work with. Pay a deposit at the start and complete it when the work is done, and you are satisfied with the results.

4. Facebook

Being the number one social media platform on the planet, it makes sense to start your search for local videographers near you that can assist you with a variety of projects on this platform.

The platform has 2.9 billion active users globally. Finding a video crew in Toronto, Ontario, is only a matter of searching and posting.

Utilize Facebook marketplace, a platform where buyers meet sellers of products and services on the platform. Here you can get lots of freelancers who offer videography services that meet your needs.

5. Personal Recommendations

Personal recommendation is another great way to find local videographers near me. To start with, word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of advertising.

It’s also one of the most traditional methods of reaching out. It has unique benefits from other means listed in this list of places to source a Toronto videographer.

Here is how to go about it.

Find business owners or acquaintances that have ha past video projects similar to yours. Talk to them about how they had them completed successfully and enquire whom they hired.

Doing that leads you to a quick path of finding and choosing videographers that have the skills and abilities you are looking for.

It also saves you the time spent weeding out those who don’t qualify for your project.

How much Does it Cost to Hire a Freelance Videographer?

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6. Videographies.com

Videographies.com is a platform built explicitly for the purpose of providing a list of videographers in Toronto. The site connects media professionals and business owners that need their services.

The site features thousands of professional videographers from Canada and the United States. Hence finding a local provider within Toronto is just a few clicks away.

On videographies.com, you will discover that finding Toronto videographers is only a matter of choosing your state and narrowing it down to the city to connect with professionals.

7. Mandy.com

Mandy is a global platform that is committed to connecting industry professionals with video production projects. If you are looking for a videographer in your area, Mandy is a great starting point.

The site features an extensive list of industry professionals, including videographers and other professions in the production.

Here, you will meet thousands of creatives in the space that are looking to work on projects like yours.

8. Ontario Chamber of Commerce

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce can connect you to professionals like videographers and other service providers in the industry.

Reach out to the chamber and ask for them to direct you to a professional in Toronto.

Many professionals, including videographers, have their businesses listed on the chamber of commerce to make it easy for locals to find them.

9. Upwork

Upwork has over 145K active clients and more than 14 million users from 180+ countries.

It is the most popular platform for freelancers on the planet and is ideal for finding local videographers that can support your project type. On Upwork, you have two options.

The first is to submit a detailed post about your project and wait as freelancers vie to work for you. Second, you can scour through the platform and identify freelancers that you think qualify for the position, then request a bid.

You sure won’t miss to find a Toronto videographer that suits your needs on Upwork.

10. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the oldest means of finding professionals. Although it is not as popular as before the internet and social media, it presents a great opportunity of finding local videographers.

It features specific “pages” throughout cities where users can post their advertisements. Look for freelancers who have posted on the site.

You will surely find videographers in Toronto on Craigslist.

11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a networking site that features both freelancers and other professionals in a variety of industries.

The social platform is a great place to book a Toronto videographer that will help your filmmaking needs.

It will also help you grow your connections with Toronto videographers to pick those that you think qualify for your project.

On this platform, you will find that building business relationships is fun and also very effective.

12. Instagram

Instagram is another top-rated platform to find local videographers for your project. It has a global reach with many users in cities and countries.

Reportedly, there are about a billion users monthly on Instagram. The fact that Instagram is a photo and video-based platform makes the platform suitable for a project like yours.

All you need is to check out portfolios of videographers from Toronto and engage them for their biggest opportunity.

Employ hashtags like #Torontovideographer, #Torontocameracrew, #setlife to find users who provide videography services in Toronto.

13. GigSalad

GigSalad is yet another trendy site that features full-service booking for various providers, including videographers and entertainers.

The site comprises businesses and professionals in the Gigs industry that seek opportunities to showcase their skills.

Find a local videographer in Toronto that is skilled in film production on GigSalad and after that, check out an array of other service providers that are available on this platform.

14. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is a site built explicitly for freelancers. The Australian marketplace has a broad reach that spans regions like Vancouver, London and other major areas for freelancers.

The site was set up more than ten years ago and boasts 20 million users globally. Here, you will find users with skills from videography to animation to graphic design, film editing and special effects.

15. Bark.com

You will be amazed at how finding and hiring Toronto videographers on Bark.com is easy. The site works as a search engine that connects sellers and those looking for their services.

All you need to do is perform a quick location search on this platform, and you will be connected to professional videography services that suit your business needs.

16. BNI Business Network International

BNI is a goldmine when it comes to finding skilled videographers. The American franchise boasts more than 270K members from over 10K chapters in 70+ countries globally.

To find a local videographer on BNI, all you need is to find a local chapter from the thousands available and join. 

17. The Knot

Finding event videographers in Toronto is very simple. Although the site focuses primarily on weddings, there is an opportunity for you to find local videographers that provide other forms of video content for your brand.

Consider the site a go-to place for videographers with a diverse portfolio of services. You will also find other professional service providers like venue providers on this site.

18. Wedding Wire

The platform is very similar to The Knot. It focuses on weddings and has a variety of other freelancers and professional businesses such as videography, video production, and editing services.

All you need to do is connect with a local wedding videographer with a diverse portfolio of other services and who can deliver high-quality footage for your brand

19. SimplyHired.com

The job search engine features videographers in the industry that specialize in corporate filmmaking and live events.  Simply Hired is one of the best places to post projects and jobs for which you need expertise.

You only need to post on this free platform, and you will soon have vendors and professional videographers from Toronto vying for your project.

20. LocalGrapher

LocalGrapher is another great place to find a local city videographer. The platform is a search engine for videographers, photographers and cinematographers.

Here you will meet thousands of creatives in the business who are ready to serve you from over 800 locations globally.

21. EventEctive.com

On this platform, planning an event is very simple. The site features a listing of Toronto videographers and many event professionals that are included in the database of venue and service providers.

You only need to search for a venue to film at and review the city videographer pricing. You can then connect to a videographer by sending an email or making a phone call.

Everything you need to plan an event successfully starts at EventEctive. This includes planning a meeting, a party or a business conference, and other forms of short, medium and large gatherings.

22. Thumbtack.com

You only need to enter your zip code and select a service to find a local videographer on Thumbtack. The platform features over 250K professionals from a variety of industries.

Among them are professional videography services in Ontario, such as video production and editing.

To select a videographer, check out their hourly rates, what they specialize in and the number of satisfied clients they have worked with.

23. Media-Match.com

The Media-Match platform is a great platform that was built for media professionals. The site features a videography database with more than 161K professionals and over 100K media companies that are ready to tackle various projects.

The site features a global reach spanning many countries, including Rio de Janeiro, London and cities in the United States. You only need to connect with a media professional in your local area.

Besides helping you to find a Local Videographer in Toronto, the site can also assist you to update yourself with the latest in the media industry.

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