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Need a Camera Crew in Jersey City?  Here’s 10 Gems!

Jersey City is a bustling New England city full of attractions, food, entertainment, and nightlife.  If you find yourself needing a camera crew here, call on Beverly Boy Productions!  Here are 10 reasons why our camera crew in Jersey City is perfect for your next video production!:

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  1. The Landmark Loew’s Jersey TheaterCamera Crew in Jersey City

The Loew’s Jersey Theater is the only Loew’s Wonder Palace still showing films.  With its palace-like structure and architecture, this theater would provide an excellent filming location for any production!  This can also be a great place to show your camera crew in Jersey City the amazing work they’ve done on the big screen!


Here’s a customer testimonial video filmed by our camera crew in Jersey City!

  1. Liberty State ParkCamera Crew in Jersey City

This historic park is the only location in New Jersey with Ferry service to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty – so it is a must see!  With the grand Central Railroad of New Jersey terminal at the north end of the park, this outdoor recreational area offers walking and biking trails, bird watching, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, boating, and crabbing.  This is a perfect setting for a nature-centered video project filmed in the heart of Jersey City.


  1. ClimateCamera Crew in Jersey City

Typically, the climate in Jersey City is mild, with warm summers and colder winters.  Like many New England cities, autumn is simply gorgeous in Jersey City.  The trees change to a beautiful display of color, and apple-picking is very popular that time of year.  If you are looking to film with our camera crew in Jersey City, we suggest picking dates either in the late summer or fall, as they would provide stunning natural views and temperatures would be comfortable.


  1. Empty Sky – 9/11 MemorialCamera Crew in Jersey City

Empty Sky is the official New Jersey memorial to those who perished on September 11, 2001 in the attacks on the United States.  It features two brushed stainless steel walls with the names of those who died inscribed in them.  This location is a wonderful tribute to the tragedy and would be a perfect spot for anyone looking to film a project with a camera crew in Jersey City about September 11th.


  1. White Eagle HallCamera Crew in Jersey City

White Eagle Hall is a newly renovated historical venue in Jersey City, right in the center of the thriving nightlife of the city.  It features a variety of entertainment, including music, comedy, theatre, dance, film, and other performances as well as serves food and drinks.  This would be a great filming location with a camera crew for an upbeat feature of Jersey City!


  1. Katyn MemorialCamera Crew in Jersey City

The Katyn Memorial is dedicated to the fatalities of the 1940 Katyn Massacre which took place in Russia during World War II.  The powerful sculpture depicts a soldier being attacked with a bayonet rifle, and stands to commemorate the massacre of thousands of Polish prisoners by order of Joseph Stalin.  This location is excellent for adding an element of cognizance and respect to any film project.


  1. FoodCamera Crew in Jersey City

Much of the food in Jersey City is American, with an east-coast flair.  Be sure to stop by some local favorites when filming with a Jersey City camera crew!  Try Skinner’s Loft, a fun transitional casual-upscale restaurant with an American menu and offering local craft brews and rooftop dining.  An upscale option is 15 Fox Place, which serves upscale Italian multi-course meals in a reservation-only setting.  For lighter fare, Third & Vine’s selection of cheeses and wines are simply divine!


  1. PermitsCamera Crew in Jersey City

The state of New Jersey requires that film productions carry general liability insurance in the amount of $1M.  Permits are left up to the individual counties; often there are no formal regulations.  However, county, state, and federal parks, as well as historic sites, often do require permits be held by videographers.


  1. Liberty Science CenterCamera Crew in Jersey City

If you are interested in science, the Liberty Science Center is a must-see.  It is an interactive science museum and learning center, with hundreds of interactive exhibits, a planetarium, an Innovation Lab, films, and shows.  You can schedule a guided tour, or simply explore on your own.  This is a great scientific location to film with a camera crew in Jersey City!


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  1. Day Trip to New York, NYCamera Crew in Jersey City

One of the major attractions to Jersey City is its proximity to New York City.   It only takes 20 minutes to drive between the two cities, or you can take a ferry from Liberty State Park to see the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island.  Regardless of how you make the trip, traveling to New York will increase your filming locations with a camera crew tenfold, and it is sure to be a wonderful experience!