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Miami camera crew filming Aviation project.

September 12th, Miami Camera Crew Films Corporate Aviation Video near Ft Lauderdale. Here is an aviation corporate video production that we crafted in South Florida. This client is a leader in the aviation industry, they did a search on the web looking to hire a camera crew in Miami, and found Beverly Boy Productions. Once we met with the principles and took a tour of their facility, we knew we were going to have an amazing final video for them.  During our first pre production meeting, they expressed that they wanted to create a trade show video production that explains exactly what they do in their industry.

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Have a plan

In order to have a successful shoot, it all starts with a solid plan. Once we were clear on the needs of our client, we mobilized our Miami camera crew, and production commenced. We needed to capture as much footage as we could, at the client only wanted to book the film crew for the day. With time being tight, we needed to have a clear shot list, and schedule, so that we could maximize what was needed. We filmed this on HD cameras, including a gimbal, and a steady cam. We were able to bring in a teleprompter to speed up the dialogue for some of the talking head shots. The plan was to structure the day so that not one minute would go by without some productivity taking place. Once we loaded in all of the gear, and staged the equipment, we lined up craft service so the crew could have snacks and breakfast throughout the day. There’s nothing more important than a happy crew, and food make people happy!

The production process

The first thing we did was film a number of planned scenes. Many of the shots on the script involves various scenarios involving actual employees and personnel. Some of the employees were not as “camera ready” as we would have liked, a lot of anxiety was at play, but as a team they were able to pull through, Once we finished the planned scenarios we moved on to filming a plethora of creative B-Roll. A good Cinematographer loves to film good B-Roll, it gives him or her the opportunity to really spread their creative wings. Once we captured a good amount of great B-Roll we were able to move on to the interviews, and testimonials, AKA, talking head shots. We were able to use the vast square footage of their warehouse to achieve some really great depth of field. The interviews were filmed on a 50mm shallow lens. This allows us to really blur out the back ground and create a super sharp fucus on the interview subject.

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Happy Client

We produced this project in full HD and custom animated their logo for ultimate branding. They were so pleased that they also returned to us to produce a Spanish translation corporate video. So if you are in the Aerospace or Airplane Parts, industry in need of a marketing video, we can help. We also service the Airplane Maintenance, Aviation Parts, and  Aviation Supplier industries with corporate video services.  Aerospace Engineering and  Military Aircraft are very in-depth subjects to cover when filming a corporate film. Our client also wanted us to cover their Overhaul Repair Station business, as well as the Aircraft Components, Airplane Spare Parts and the Commercial Airplane MRO elements of their operation. To truly convey an aviation corporate video you can’t leave out Avionics, Landing Gears, Aircraft Rewind, and  Reverse Engineering Test Cells. Our client Global Parts Support was adamant that we capture every element of their business and that also included their Airport Tooling Manufacturing components. It is also important to note that they are a Defense Contractor with many years of experience.

We’d love to help you with your marketing video needs, let us put our camera crew to work for you!