Best Locations to Tour With a Camera Crew in Chongqing

When you need camera crews for hire in Chongqing, don’t hesitate to call us! This city has a rich history, amazing food, incredible sites, and lots of relaxing activities and you can create a top-notch video production in Chongqing while doing all of these. Check out the best locations to visit with our high-quality camera crew in Chongqing.

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  1.      Hongya Cave

Hongya Cave is a must-see when you visit with your camera crew in Chongqing . This large complex is built on a cliff side facing the Jialing River. It is not a historical building, but it does give visitors a glimpse of the type of buildings that would have been built on this riverbank many years ago, and you can hire a cameraman to go with you at night to capture footage of the beautiful lights that shine off this complex when the sky is dark.

  1. Porcelain Village

You definitely need to find a film crew in Chongqing and visit Ciqikou, or Porcelain Village. This ancient city was once a port and market town and was famous for producing beautiful porcelain. Today, it is a main tourist attraction in Chongqing. Walk down its narrow streets, pop in at one of the many shops that line the way, grab a delicious local snack and film some breathtaking sights with a talented Chongqing camera crew.


    3.  Wulong Mountain

Speaking of breathtaking, you could book a camera crew in Chongqing just to see and film the gorgeous forested Wulong Mountain and your trip would be worth it.  This beautiful natural area is an UNESCO World Heritage site and features limestone bridges known as the Three Natural Bridges and Furong Cave. The Curse of the Golden Flower and Transformers have been filmed here, so you would be in good company with your video production!

  1. Ronghui Hot Springs Resort

After a long day of filming, shopping, and eating, relax at the Ronghui Hot Springs Resort, which sits at the base of Gele Mountain. The resort has hot spring pools, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and massages and if are really courageous, you can try (and have a camera crew film) the fish pedicure- where you dip your feet into a fish pond to have dead skin nibbled away by tiny fish.

  1. Stillwell Museum

Learn about a portion of the amazing history of this beautiful city at the Stilwell Museum. The museum teaches about the life of General Stillwell, who was stationed in Chongqing in WWII and it is housed in his former residence. Hire a Chongqing camera crew to guide you through this historic site.

  1. E’ling Park

If you want to go off and have some peace and quiet, or find a tranquil location for filming interviews, E’ling Park is a beautiful green spot in this bustling, lively city. Here, you will see people practicing tai chi, walking, playing games, and more. It also offers a great point to sit and see the city and Jialing river.


  1. Permits

Chongqing Municipality offers a lot for filming, but it’s important to hire a videographer so that you can work with a professional to get the proper permits and choose the right dates for filming. Aside from permits and weather, there are also holidays (like Chinese New Year) that effectively shut down many of the locations you’d want to film in China until the holiday is passed. Although, you could still film the festivities! As for permitting, one great thing about filming here is that there are no city-wide permits, but there are rules and regulations for setting up a production, and each are different, depending on where you go in China. Filming here can take some planning, and you need to allow plenty of time for permitting each of your chosen filming locations.

  1. Climate

When you need a film crew in Chongqing, you should consider getting one that knows the area well enough to help you choose dates with decent weather. This area of China is known for being extremely hot, so avoiding the summer months is often recommended for tourists. There are periods of rainfall, too, but those days can usually be mapped out if you work with the right crew.

  1. Food

Food is one of the big draws for visiting Chongqing, and you will need to take a break from filming to fill up so you can keep viewing all that this city has to offer. Chongqing cuisine is known for distinctive, spicy flavors, being made with chili pepper, sesame, fermented black beans, scallions, soy, wine, ginger, and garlic, along with other seasonings and cooking methods that bring out these flavors.
A. Hot Pot. Chongqinq is the birthplace of the hot pot, and this is the best place to get not only a bowl that is delicious, but also a joy to experience. You can get spicy, pure, or a mix of the two, adding in fish, meat, or vegetables can be added. The most famous hot pot restaurant in the city is Cygnet Hot-Pot Palace.
B. Fried Crabs. This city is also known for many fried foods and seafood, so it makes sense that fried crabs would be a wonderful food offered here, and can be found just about anywhere, even in street markets.
C. Xiangshan Honey Cake. This crispy, sweet delicious dessert is made of flour and honey balsam. It is a great dessert or snack when you are on the go, and has even been made into a quick breakfast.

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  1. History

Chongqing has a very old history that dates back to the Old Stone Age, approximately 20–30,000 years ago, although not much is known about that time, obviously. In recorded history, the State of Ba was formed in the 11th Century, and this was the beginning of what would become Chongqing. In 1189, the area was given its name by Emperor Guangzong. From here, the city grew quickly, particularly thanks to trading. In 1929, Chongqing was declared a city and it was made the provisional wartime capital of China in 1940. Today, it is the cultural and economic center of southwestern China, making this a sound place to film your next production. Whether you hire a camera crew in Chongqing for a day or employ a film crew for a week, you can get a lot done in a short amount of time and go home with some beautiful footage.

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