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10 Things To Keep in Mind When Hiring Camera Crew in San Francisco

As one of the world’s most beautiful port cities, there is no shortage of things to see and do in San Francisco. The city, shrouded in fog, is home to architectural wonders, quirky residents, and enough attractions to keep anyone entertained. No matter what project they are working on, our clients call on us to hire a camera crew in San Francisco. Out of all the beautiful cities in this country, here are 10 reasons San Francisco is the best place for your next film or video and why you should pick this city when trying to find camera crews for hire.

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  1. Foodcamera crew in san francisco

There is no doubt that many people travel to a new city in order to try the local cuisine. Sure, you want to see the Golden Gate Bridge and walk through Dolores Park, but those parts of your day will be punctuated by stuffing your face. San Francisco is not only home to gourmet restaurants but also kitschy casual food. Whether you feast on delicious vegan delights (be sure to give Gracias Madre a try) or go home with a belly full of Ghirardelli, you’re bound to leave happy. This city is full of amazing bars and restaurants to visit after a full day of filming or to celebrate a successful shoot with your camera crew in San Francisco.


  1. Golden Gate Bridgecamera crew in san francisco

This suspension bridge is the classic San Fran symbol for a reason: it’s simply magical, whether shrouded in mist or showing off its distinctive orange hue under the sun. Even when you’re several hundred feet away, it somehow seems like an illusion. But once you’ve admired it and taken the requisite photos – get right on it! Visitors can bike, drive or even walk across the structure. Take Marine Drive along to Fort Point, park in the lot (free after 5 PM) and snap some amazing photos as the sun starts to set. Then walk underneath it and up the other side right onto the bridge itself. This structure stands beautifully against the San Francisco skyline and would make a great place to get some B-roll as locals and tourists alike enjoy the scenery and take in the view. Tip: Wear a hoodie and dress warmly, as the wind is incredibly strong!


  1. Chinatowncamera crew in san francisco

The first three Chinese immigrants arrived here by boat in 1848 – and the rest is history! The largest and oldest Chinatown outside of Asia (covering 24 square blocks), you could imagine you’ve left North America when you pass through one of the green dragon gates. But don’t just use your eyes: let yourself get lost for an hour (or two) in the alleys and side streets marked with calligraphy. Peruse an herbal shop, sip tea in a tearoom, or pop in and visit a fortune cookie factory. It’s not hard to time your visit with a Chinese festival or parade either. There is always something happening in the city’s most densely populated neighborhood. It is a good idea to hire a videographer who is also a San-Fran native, if for no other reason than to have a great guide to take you through the ins and outs of fascinating sites such as this.


  1. Japantowncamera crew in san francisco

San Francisco has a well-loved Chinatown, which also just happens to be the biggest one in the U.S., but Japantown is just as endearing, although perhaps lesser known. You could spend an entire day slurping down ramen, taking a dip at a traditional Japanese spa, or stocking up on adorable and authentic Asian goods at Daiso. This area is great for interviewing locals and getting a sense of the diversity that makes up San Francisco.


  1. Transportationcamera crew in san francisco

While the city’s streets are perfect for pedaling around the city, a camera crew in San Francisco carrying a lot of equipment might want something more practical. San Francisco has a variety of transportation options available from personal options like ridesharing services, taxis, and limos to larger choices like private shuttles, and the city’s famous cable cars.

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  1. Fillmore Streetcamera crew in san francisco

Beautifully designed homes, clever little boutiques, and trendy restaurants, the perfect shopping experience awaits you on Fillmore Street. Whereas Union Square is all about the larger chains, Fillmore is an upscale district with unique stores and a relaxed and welcoming vibe. Start at the southern end near Geary St. and head north, passing diverse restaurants, bakeries, clothing stores and beauty shops along the way. Shoot some interviews or get some B-roll in this beautiful area the encompasses the warm brick-and-mortar architecture of San Francisco.


  1. Outdoor Spacescamera crew in san francisco

Not only is the City by the Bay snuggled up against the Pacific Ocean, but there are tons of other sights for nature lovers to enjoy. Take a stroll through the seemingly endless pathways of Presidio Park, sunbathe at Baker Beach, or stretch out and make friends with colorfully dressed strangers in Dolores Park. Part of what makes San Francisco so magical is the ways in which the city mixes urban with natural. This city has no shortage of areas to film the perfect outdoor or nature scene with your camera crew in San Francisco.


  1. Permitcamera crew in san francisco

A production permit is required whenever you’re shooting on City property for commercial purpose. Please note that students, b-roll, and other small productions still require permits from the Film Office. The Film Office requires 4 full business days to process a permit from start to finish, including the application, insurance verification, notification creation, parking approval and other supplemental permitting requirements. Please note that permit applications requiring special filming, such as a Street/Lane Closure or SFMTA-operated vehicle charter rental, will require anywhere from five to 10 additional business days to process.


  1. Climatecamera crew in san francisco

San Francisco is cooler in the Summer and slightly warmer in Winter than surrounding cities, and very rarely does it get below freezing. The summer months can alternate between warm, cold, and foggy days, while the winters offer amazing weather months where the days are consistently warm with little fog. This is the perfect place if you’re looking for a consistent, but not necessarily sunny, weather.

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  1. Alcatrazcamera crew in san francisco

If a trip to the legendary penitentiary isn’t enough to tempt you over to Alcatraz Island, the ferry ride alone makes the visit worthwhile as it offers a magnificent view of San Francisco. Once there, head straight to the prison and take an audio tour or, if you’re lucky, you can tag along on one of the free extra tours into areas that are normally off limits. When planning your visit to The Rock, it’s a good idea to leave early in the morning and extend your stay into the afternoon as you can take any ferry you like back and there is a lot more to see and shoot with your San Francisco camera crew.