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How to Hire a Video Crew in Oakland

Taking on a video project can be scary and very hard—you’re having to deal with a budget and other peoples’ time, but all you have to do is hire a video crew in Oakland that has the skills and expertise to get your video production done swiftly and effectively, making it look high quality. A crew that uses the industry-standard 4K or 1080p video gear to capture an audience’s attention is the one to hire for your production!

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We also service Piedmont, Alameda, Berkeley, and Albany.

Booking Oakland video crews


When considering booking Oakland video crews, call Team Beverly Boy at 800-385-1243!

We provide you with solid options so that your Oakland video crew search doesn’t go far. We also service San Joaquin, San Francisco, and Santa Clara. 

Oakland Video Crews for Hire

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First, you need a plan for what your project needs. What type of Oakland video production team you need, what your project requires, and a video budget range are all important things to think about before approaching any Oakland video production team.

Next, once you line out your wants and needs, fill out our contact form and tell us about them! If you’d rather speak with someone, personally, message us and we will contact you to go over the details with you so that nothing is missed.

Lastly, we put together the best crew specifically picked to handle your video project. Whether you need crew rates for ENG/EFP crews in Oakland, or a freelance video crew in California, we can assist!

Top Oakland video crew services 

  • Interviews and B-Roll
  • Testimonials and documentaries
  • BTS & EPK’s
  • Event coverage and Focus groups
  • Training videos and panel discussions
  • Branded video content
  • Webcasting and Live Streaming
  • Sizzle reel production

The go-to team for video crew services.  

BBP Cinematographer

From pre production to post production, Beverly Boy is the go-to team for video crew services.

We specialize in everything to do with a production from interviews and commercials, to live streaming and corporate videos. You don’t have to worry about tackling the project on your own!

Industry Standard 4k

When hiring for your video crew in Oakland, it’s critical to ensure that your crews are using the top equipment for your budget! You need a full-frame camera, not a smartphone camera.  

With Team Beverly Boy, our award winning Oakland video crews use the industry-standard 4K or 1080p video gear that you need to help your film truly succeed.

The gear we film with ranges from the Canon C300, to the Black magic, Sony FS7, RED, ARRI Alexa, and many more!

Freelance Oakland Video Crew

Experience makes the difference with your Oakland crew. With nearly 2 decades and 20,000+ projects under our belt, Team Beverly Boy has the resources and skills to have our professional Oakland video crews ready to get to work in an instant. 

We service the following zip codes: 94610, 94501, 94703, and 97322. We offer full service Oakland video production services.

From local film permits to location scouting, we have the tools for each step of the way, whether you need a 3 man video crew at The Fox Theater or you are wanting to video a business meeting on Allendale Avenue we’ve got it under control! 

The Questions for Video Production Crews in Oakland

When listing out your expectations for your Oakland video crews, keep these in mind:

  • Is the crew fully insured?
  • Is the crew using the top equipment?
  • Do the crew members line up with my values?
  • Are they communicating with each other?
  • Does this crew member have experience in their position?

Video crew finder!

Beverly Boy covid safe crew

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Looking for a video crew finder? You get what you pay for, so be careful when you are searching for cheap or inexpensive video crews.

If you need a top video production crew that can check these boxes off for you, turn to Team Beverly Boy for the best video crew in Oakland.

We have the experience needed to streamline the process so that we can provide you with peace of mind.