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2024 B2B Video Marketing Trends & Predictions

If 2021 was the year that brands would embrace a digital first strategy, then 2024 is the year that those same brands might move to an all-video strategy! That’s right, we’re seeing a huge push toward the use of video at every stage of the marketing and sales funnel, resulting in increased engagement, stronger relationships, and higher revenue for the B2B sales industry. As 2022 comes to a close, consider these B2B video marketing trends and predictions as you’re planning your B2B marketing campaigns for the upcoming year. 

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In 2024, there’s no longer a question about how to affordably, and effectively, use video throughout the customer life cycle at every stage from attracting the consumer to converting them and keeping them satisfied. 

Instead, the concern in 2024 is consistency of video production, quality of video content, and the competition that brands face as more businesses turn to video for their marketing and advertising needs.

Case Studies Fuel Continued B2B Video Marketing Growth

With more than 70% of B2B customers stating that they watch videos to learn about products and services in their research phase, we expect to see the case study video rise to the plate in 2024 with more brands producing case studies than ever before.

Successful case studies are going to incorporate key details from real world examples as to how the brand helped to provide a solution to a particular problem as well as the results that were obtained. 

The use of case studies became incredibly popular in 2020 as a direct result of the Pandemic causing widespread reductions in face-to-face client contact.

However, even as in-person interactions are restored, case study videos will continue to provide a key opportunity for B2B marketers to hammer home key value propositions that are important to the lead nurturing cycle.

Improved Recruiting and Onboarding with Video 

It would appear as if 2023 paved the way for recruiting and onboarding with video and in many ways it truly did.

B2B video marketing trends that continue to focus on the use of video to recruit and onboard new clients will represent the continued focus into 2024.

We see the new year giving way to abundantly new recruiting and onboarding opportunities for B2B marketers that are looking to maximize engagement with new clients without maximizing time commitment on either side. 

This will all be part of staying agile throughout the new year and maximizing efficiencies.

Strategies will be adapted as workflows are engaged to continue B2B recruiting efforts and growth with new clients. 

How-To Videos Become the Go-To Resource for B2B Campaigns

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The use of how-to videos to fuel the onboarding process will prominently lead B2B marketing campaigns.

With many B2B customers making large scale decisions, we expect 2024 to bring wide scale use of how-to videos that will become the go-to resource for marketers and prospects alike.

How-to videos that represent everything from how-to get the most out of products and services that are being offered to in-depth guides on complex processes and underlying opportunities relevant to a brand’s products or services will be delivered by video. 

Brands are going to use explainer videos to help other businesses see and fully grasp the concepts that are being addressed by their key products and services.

And because the information is all contained in a video, with key questions and concerns answered along the way, there is stronger ability for B2B marketers to help executives make purchase decisions that involve larger groups of executives in key areas.

Continued Use of Video for Maximum ROI

Along with the various other B2B video marketing trends that we expect to see play out in 2024, the continued use of video for maximum marketing ROI is certain to be key.

In fact, more B2B marketers than ever before are going to turn to video as they primary form of content marketing for their campaigns this year.

This is coming from the past statistics which support marketers’ use of video for high ROI where 89% stated video provides a good ROI and 80% state video has directly increased sales.

We expect B2B marketers to continue to use video for generating leads, building trust among potential business clients, and generating revenue.

74% of marketers already state that video provides a better return on investment than static images and the majority of marketers find video to be highly effective in generating leads.

These statistics will fuel continued use of video for maximum ROI for the brand

As you can see, there’s no longer any question about the use of video in marketing or how important video is, but more so the question in regards to B2B video marketing trends is how frequently will B2B marketers produce videos, what types of videos will they produce most, and how impactful will the videos actually be.

We’ve seen instances of video increasing ROI by 80% or more on a single landing page.

We’ve seen videos increase click-through rates by 300% or more on an email campaign.

And we’ve seen video drive growth in awareness, attraction, and engagement.

There’s no longer questioning about the extent of video’s effectiveness, the questions now are how to produce videos efficiently enough to keep up with the competition!

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