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What is a Product Video?

As a business owner, selling products to consumers, you probably already have your website in place, perhaps you have a brick and mortar storefront, and you likely even have individual product pages that showcase the value and benefits of your products online. Maybe you’ve been told that you should produce product videos for these pages, to boost consumer interest in your brand? But what is a product video? And why is it so important to growth online?

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Product Videos Explained

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A product video is a relatively short-film that provides viewable demonstrations of the benefits and uses of your product. Like many short videos, product videos focus in-depth on the individual features and benefits that a product can deliver, helping the consumer to see how a product can eliminate pain points and solve problems.

Sometimes referred to as a product demo or a demo video, product videos demonstrate the functions of a product. They show real world use cases that help consumers to visualize the product actually being used by them to solve unique struggles or pain points that they feel.

Benefits of Product Videos

Product videos are extremely powerful and provide many benefits for the business. Showcasing a product video on your website can increase your page rank, improve bounce rates, and produce higher click through rates for your brand. Not only that, but product videos also have the power to increase sales.

Customers report that they are up to 85% more likely to purchase a product after they watch a video that demonstrates the product’s uses, especially if the demonstration shows the product offering a solution to problems that the consumer is already dealing with and seeking a solution to.

Many brands can benefit from producing product videos. As we seek to answer the question, “What is a product video?” We also shift focus to encourage all industries that offer products to consider the use of branded product videos for their website or for other marketing channels. These are a great source and provide true value for your business.