5 Reasons to Produce a Startup Company Video Today

As a new business, people may not know what you have to offer or sell. They are not familiar with your brand, and lack trust simply because they do not know what you do. A great startup company video can be used to drive business engagement and growth for your brand. This is one of many reasons for you to produce a startup company video, but there are several other benefits that come with producing startup videos for your brand.

This informational and educational video content can be used to explain what your brand does and why consumers should consider your products or services over those offered by your competitors. Startup company video production will help you to build trust and following for you brand.

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Need more reasons to produce a startup company video? Check out these:

1. Leverage Power of Humanization for Your Brand

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This is especially important if your brand is entirely online, such as an e-commerce store. A great startup company video can be used to leverage the power of humanization for your brand so that consumers will gain trust for your business. Early on, trust is a leading factor that can contribute to slowed growth–but a great startup video that shows your CEO, and the people that make up your brand, can help people to feel more connected and trusting of you. 

2. Brand Awareness

As you get started, chances are people won’t know much about your business or your brand. You need marketing videos to help you establish a sense of brand awareness that consumers will recognize and come to trust. A startup company video builds brand awareness for your business that consumers can relate to.  This is also a great foundation video for your future marketing campaigns.

3. Greater Visibility Online

Want to increase visibility for your brand online? Create a startup company video. Startup company videos can be used to increase your homepage and about us page rankings boosting your visibility in organic SERP rankings. Not only does Google prefer to rank pages with video on the first page of their results, they are also more likely to include your content in other searches.

4. Boost Conversions

Want to boost your brand conversions? Produce a startup company video that you can show on your website, in your email outreach campaigns, and on your landing pages. Video has the power to boost conversions on average 20% or more. This is a great way to increase click through rates and sales for your pages.

5. Increase Social Shares

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Startup company video content can help you increase social shares. In fact, people enjoy sharing startup video content and are more likely to share video than any other form of media. If you really want to boost your engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, a great startup video is a successful marketing opportunity for your brand.

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