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9 Benefits of Using the Boston Film Commission as a Top Resource

The Massachusetts Film Office is responsible for oversight of the Boston Film Commission which provides resources and opportunities for filmmakers that enter the city to produce various forms of media.

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Filmmakers that connect with the Boston Film Commission and utilize it as a top resource can appreciate the vast local resources and guidance that come from the commission.

In fact, using the Boston Film Commission as your go-to resource also gives way to the top Massachusetts incentives for film producers which range from competitive tax breaks and exceptions to various other benefits.

Beverly Boy Productions is closely connected with the Boston Film Commission and encourages filmmakers that are interested in shooting in the city to connect with the Film Commission and utilize the many resources available. We’ve listed a few of the top resources below.

1. Local Research

Need help researching the various locations throughout Boston that are open to a film shoot? The Boston Film Commission is your resource for finding sites that will accommodate your film production needs. They’ll connect you with all the right local venues for a shoot.

2. Referral to Crew

If you’re producing a film in Boston and need additional crew members for your set, the Film Commission can help you.

Filmmakers throughout Boston are connected with the Boston Film Commission to network and seek opportunities to work for producers and filmmakers that enter the city. You’ll find just what you need.

3. Technical Support

Everything from technical support staff to equipment rentals and city based technology needs are covered by the Boston Film Commission.

Filmmakers that have questions or technical requirements for a production within the city can get the support they need from the local film commission.

4. Liaison Services

The Boston Film Commission acts at the liaison between filmmakers and the local and federal agencies such as law enforcement who may be required to close down city streets or to otherwise direct traffic or crowds during a film shoot. They are a great resource to utilize.

5. Permitting Assistance

Filmmakers that want to produce films in Boston will require permits for their shoot.

The Boston Film Commission in conjunction with the Massachusetts Film Office can provide proper permitting assistance and support to filmmakers.

If you have questions about permits, this is the resource to connect with.

6. Clearance of Public Areas

Need to use a city street, park, or other public area in Boston for a film shoot?

Upon  securing the proper permitting for the access and use, you can work with the film commission to ensure that the area is prepped and ready for your crew to shoot.

Appropriate clearance of public areas will vary so it’s important to connect with the Film Office for additional details.

7. Crowd Control & Barricading

Working with the Boston Film Commission and the Boston PD you’ll be able to secure appropriate crowd control and barricading of streets for your film production needs.

Simply connect with the Boston Film Commission to determine the appropriate assistance arrangements and proper law enforcement teams to work with.

8. Tax Incentives

Massachusetts provides several tax incentives for Boston filmmakers that enter the city to produce various types of media.

Contact the Boston Film Commission to learn more about the various film tax incentives and breaks that may apply to your production.

9. Equipment Rentals

Need help finding area equipment rentals and securing the appropriate equipment for your shoot?

The Boston Film Commission provides access to local equipment rental companies and networking with area filmmakers and studios to help those entering the city to find exactly what they need, when they need it.