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Importance of Video Marketing in Your Business

In an era of dwindling attention spans, videos are a great way to grab attention. This explains why YouTube holds the number one spot as the most frequented website in 2020. Averaging beyond a million organic traffic monthly, YouTube makes a strong case on how important and effective video can be for a business.

From the looks of it, more and more businesses are recognizing the power of video to sell. More than 85% of businesses utilize videos in their marketing strategies. If you own a business, the real question is – how beneficial will it be for you to integrate video in your marketing strategy? In this article, we prepared seven key reasons why video marketing is essential for your business.

What Is Video Marketing?

The terminology itself carries its definition: the use of videos in marketing. Videos can showcase a brand, promote a new service or product, launch a new campaign, educate, and many others.

But why video? For starters, video entertains, engages, and easy to follow. It’s also extremely shareable, so this capacity to be viewed using multiple platforms gives it great ROI potential. Plus, it’s not difficult to produce; you don’t need professional-level skills to create videos that would help market your product or service.

7 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Good for Your Business

If you aren’t already using videos as a marketing tool, here are compelling reasons why you must.

1. Videos Boost Engagement

As observed earlier, customers now are less patient and less attentive. Since images stimulate customer engagement, videos are more likely to increase customer engagement massively. When done correctly, video marketing strategies can help your business get leads and newsletter subscriptions from otherwise hesitant page visitors.

Social media platforms best illustrate how beneficial video marketing can be for your business. An engaging and informative video will, undoubtedly, be shared, liked, and commented on by thousands of social media users throughout various platforms. This can boost your brand’s online presence and maximize your target market reach.

2. Increases Brand Awareness

Marketing a brand through videos helps present it under the light it wants to be seen. With videos, you can easily showcase your business’s products and highlights and share your perspective with possible clients and customers.

3. Builds Trust

Marketing videos with genuine content connect a business to its audience in a more personal way. Once trust is established, affinity follows.

Videos contain useful and informative content that customers can easily relate to. By baring your brand’s identity, you cultivate a long-term relationship with customers and urge them to engage with your content.

Additionally, videos explaining your product or services appeal more to skeptical customers who are hesitant to avail of products and services on the internet. Effective video marketing can create a space of trust for your customers and push them in the right direction that’s beneficial for your business.

4. Drives Sales

Since videos can increase brand awareness and conversion rates, it stands to reason that your sales percentage will follow. The majority of consumers prefer video content than lengthy chunks of texts. Videos allow you to appeal to your customers while making your content easier to digest.

When customers feel accommodated and engaged, this could potentially pull your sales revenue through the roof.

5. Increases Conversion

One-way videos help blog posts is by supporting the call to action (CTA) cues. They increase the possibility of follow-through on the aim of the written content.

Adding product videos to your landing page can significantly increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Studies show that up to 74% of page visitors that watched product explainer-videos bought the products afterwards.

6. Provides In-depth Analytics Insight

Videos provide comprehensive data that give a business insight into how customers perceive the brand and how engaged they are with your content.

The number of views, watch time, and engagements will show you whether your video marketing strategies are effective. These in-depth analytics can be used to retool your brand to fit customers’ demands and perceptions to benefit your business.

7. Increases Site Traffic

Google loves videos. It not only increases time spent on your website but hosting a video on a company-owned webpage, instead of using third party sites like YouTube, ensures backlinks go straight to the website for a better SEO ranking.

Your site can more likely get dibs on the first page of search engine results when videos are embedded on your website. This, in turn, generates more organic clicks and increases your visibility at the same time. Learn more about increasing your website traffic from Drip Digital.

Types of Videos

Creating videos as a key element of your marketing strategy will only work if you’re clear on what it’s for. You can take plenty of approaches with video marketing, and each method, as mentioned here, has a goal or a purpose. Below are some types of videos used by medium and small businesses that you can consider:

Product Video

Product videos creatively highlight a product or a service. Its purpose is to showcase a new product or rebrand an already existing one, to pique customers’ interest. An effective product video needs to present the product’s value proposition – how it’s unique from and above the competition.

Brand Video

Brand videos increase brand awareness. They present information about a brand and the reasons why people should care about it.

Instructional Video

Small businesses can also use videos to teach their customers how to use their products.

FAQ Videos

Customers will always have questions, and FAQ videos are a creative way to address them.


Reviews and testimonials prove that a product is relatable or useful to actual people. They provide an overview of the first-hand experience. Small businesses can turn them into videos to put a face or a voice to their brands.

Announcement Videos

Announcement videos help generate buzz around a launching product. Smartphone companies commonly use these. They tease their customers, so they anticipate the release of the product. Additionally, they also use announcement videos to demonstrate new features that are improvements from the predecessor.


Forms of content may come and go, but video is here to stay. As we increasingly become attached to the digital world, things can become too impersonal, static, and distant. Videos recreate real life in ways that make this particular content more meaningful to the viewer. For marketing, allowing your audience to see authenticity in your business, through product videos, instructional videos, and testimonials translates to a more approachable, fun, and reliable brand. The more engaging your videos, the more likely they’ll pay attention to what you’re offering them.