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6 Animated Sales Video Production Projects to Boost ROI

Animated videos have the power to curb consumer attention and generate revenue for your brand. These highly-effective, engaging video projects can increase conversions and generate significantly higher sales leads when you focus on delivering content that truly connects with your audience. In fact, some of the most popular types of animated sales video production projects are also some of the most effective.

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Check out these 6 projects that are certain to increase your sales & your ROI.

1. Animated Employee Bios

Want to build trust with consumers so that they’ll be more likely to purchase your products or services? Producing animated employee bio videos that showcase the individual roles of each of your key employees and engage the audience with a level of familiarity that exists between them and your staff can boost trust. It can also develop a strong working connection between your staff and your audience. 

2. Animated Pricing Videos

Sharing the individual details associated with your brand’s prices may seem like a far-fetched method of boosting conversions and sales, but hear us out. Customers want transparency. If you deliver a set of products or services that have competitive and hard to beat prices, share it through rapid animation that keeps your audience interested and engaged. You could see an influx of sales!

3. Animated Testimonials

The testimonial video is one of the simplest to produce and most effective for small businesses. Of all the different animated sales video production projects, the video testimonial is probably the most popular among business owners–especially when just getting their feet wet in the video production world. Boost trust, increase credibility, and add value to your company with an animated testimonial that grabs your audiences’ attention.

4. Animated Landing Page Videos

The addition of an animated video to a landing page can increase consumer trust, engagement and understanding of your brand–and it may even boost the organic page ranking for your landing page if you’re hyper-focused on SEO. Consider animated sales video production coverage for a landing page to re-ensure customers who may have backed out of a prior purchase or otherwise recently engaged in your site.

5. FAQ Animations

One of the many leading factors that contributes to higher sales for brands is answering consumer questions. If you know that consumers have particular questions about your products or services and they routine seek answers to a few of the same frequently asked questions, consider producing an animated video for each major question and watch consumer sales rise.

6. Product & Service Animations

Of all the different animated sales video production projects that you could dive into–with an expectation of increased sales and high ROI–the product and service animated video is probably the most efficient. You want to sell more products or increase service sales? Show consumers how your products or services improve their lives–provide a solution to their problems and watch the ROI for your animated video content improve. 

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