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5 Reasons to Produce an Animated Sales Video

Animated videos are widely accepted both online and on television, but producing an animation can be time-consuming and costly. While viral videos online often have animations, you may not be fully invested in the idea of jumping in line to produce an animated sales video just because you hope it may go viral. However, there are many reasons to produce an animated sales video for your business or brand, and done right, you might find that you have greater success with this form of video content.

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Check out these 5 reasons to produce an animated sales video for your business, and if you need help, send a message Beverly Boy Productions to hire an animated video production crew.

1. Multiple Sensory Connections

Want to connect on multiple levels with your audience? When you produce an animated sales video you’re able to use two channels or sensory connections to meet your audience. You send both an audio and visual representation of your brand that reinforces the concept that your video is delivering. Connect with your audience in tone, style, and emotion by producing an animated sales video that closely relates to their needs.

2. Easy Sharing

Every time you produce an animated sales video you have the chance for the content to go viral. Animations frequently go viral on social media, especially if they are short and engaging. In fact, viral video content is the number 1 reasons most brands produce videos over and over again, in hopes of having just one gem that reaches the masses. In the meantime, every short sales animation that you produce is easy to share.

3. Dynamic Bursts of Detail

Sales presentations can be long and drawn out, but not when you produce an animated sales video that showcases all of the important information of a sales presentation in a 30 second to 1 minute video. Just think of how much information you can deliver to your audience when you employ audio, visual, and graphic cues for your audience. And remember, a great storyline will go a long way in helping you to succeed!

4. Versatile Video

When you produce an animated sales video you are actually producing a versatile piece of video content that you can actively share in several different ways. Post your sales videos on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Share your video on your website. Link your video in your emails. You really can share it all over the place.

5. Video is a MUST

If you’re not already using video in your sales and marketing campaigns, you’re missing out. Video is an absolute must for marketing and sales. When you produce an animated sales video that you can share online and on television you’re putting a voice and visual representation to your brand–this is a great way to represent your brand and connect more consumers with the products and services that you provide. 

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