23 Places to Find a Local Videographer in Duluth

Are you on the lookout for a Duluth videographer for your upcoming video venture? The quest to find a local videographer in Duluth for your debut production might seem overwhelming. However, rest assured, numerous venues in Duluth offer HD videographers ready to offer the assistance needed for your video production. Whether you’re on the hunt for a squad for a long-haul or a one-time gig, this directory of locales with local Duluth videographers will introduce you to experts ready to contribute to your project throughout Northern Minnesota.


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How Do I Find a Local Videographer in Duluth?

To employ local videographers in Minnesota for projects ranging from dynamic marketing videos to customer endorsements, product showcases, or tutorials, it’s essential to know your options. Whether your goal is a documentary or a live showcase, it’s vital to collaborate with a seasoned Duluth videographer equipped with knowledge, expertise, and dedication. The benefits of teaming with a specialist are many, but the journey to discover a skilled videographer matching your project’s specifics might be intricate. But, we’re here to guide you.

If you require an ENG or EFP crew in the local zip code: 55802, a camera operator familiar with captivating spots in St. Louis County, or perhaps a multi-session recording of a live event in Downtown Duluth, it’s crucial to have a well-versed crew by your side. To pinpoint the ideal team for your subsequent venture, peruse this expansive list of venues to locate local videographers in Duluth.

1. Beverly Boy Productions

Kicking off our compilation, we spotlight Beverly Boy Productions, your go-to destination for all video production needs. As trailblazers in the cinema domain, our passion lies in delivering unparalleled video works. Beverly Boy Productions eliminates the guesswork from your search for a Duluth videographer. Our longstanding presence in the realm ensures you get the top local Duluth film crews familiar with the ins and outs of the city. Drop us a line, and one of our adept producers will address all your videography requisites. Embark on this cinematic journey with us; it’s as seamless as counting 1, 2, 3.


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2. Reddit for Hire

Reddit remains your hub for diverse conversations on virtually every topic imaginable. Beyond its multifaceted discussions, there’s a “for hire” segment. Searching for Duluth videographers on Reddit For Hire involves posting about your venture and awaiting community feedback. Given the platform’s 44% surge in daily users since 2020, it’s highly probable that your project will garner attention in no time.


On People Per Hour, seeking for a Duluth videographer implies collaborating with a professional at a predefined hourly rate. Clients articulate their needs, and freelancers place their bids. The more details you provide about your venture, the higher the chances of magnetizing prospects, presenting proposals tailored to your visual narrative. Once you’ve cherry-picked your Duluth freelancer, a preliminary deposit sets things in motion. The remaining balance gets cleared upon project completion.

4. Facebook

With Facebook’s towering stature as a global social networking behemoth, it presents a vast landscape to search for local videographers eager to morph your vision into reality. With a colossal 1.9 billion users interacting daily, Facebook stands unmatched as a starting point to network with local Duluth videographers. To optimize your search and tap into Duluth freelancer pools, consider leveraging Facebook Marketplace, spotlighting local entities and independent videographers offering reliable videography services.

5. Personal Recommendations

Word-of-mouth remains the gold standard in discovering local videographers in your vicinity. An impressive 92% of consumers place unwavering trust in recommendations from kin or buddies over other methods. Engage with local connections who’ve orchestrated compelling video content for their brands. Delve into their experiences, and potentially, you could secure contacts of a videographer aligning perfectly with your project’s aspirations. It’s undeniably a swift avenue to pinpoint and engage a videographer exuding the artistry and prowess you seek.


This platform was designed to provide a directory of videographers in Duluth, MN, connecting media experts with businesses in need of their expertise. Navigating the site to find a local videographer is straightforward given its focus solely on the videography industry. By selecting your state and narrowing down by city, you can engage with professionals ready to cater to your needs promptly.

7. stands out as a hub for linking industry professionals with video production tasks. Relying on this platform ensures you’ll come across a competent videographer right in Duluth. The community here includes a vast number of videographers, actors, and other production specialists. Engage with countless professionals eager to contribute to your project on one of the foremost entertainment industry networks.

8. Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce

The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce can facilitate connections with industry professionals, including videographers and various service providers. A simple call to the chamber can help direct you to the services you’re seeking. Given that many local videographers are registered with this body, it simplifies the search for anyone in need of their expertise.

9. Upwork 

With a staggering 145K active clients and over 14M users across 180+ countries, Upwork is an ideal place to find a Duluth-based videographer suitable for diverse projects. You have the flexibility to either post your project and await bids or approach freelancers directly for quotes. Given Upwork’s global reach, rest assured you’ll find a videographer from Duluth tailored to your requirements.

10. Craigslist

While it’s not always the most reliable source, many have found valuable opportunities on Craigslist. Its city-specific pages enable users to either explore freelancer listings or post their own ads. There’s a good chance of finding a videographer from Duluth, MN on Craigslist without incurring any costs. All you require is a device with internet access.

11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn serves as a professional networking space, making it an excellent platform to locate a Duluth videographer to bring your film ideas to life. Broaden your connections with local videographers and pick the most suitable for your venture. On LinkedIn, forging beneficial business connections becomes both intriguing and rewarding.

12. Instagram

Instagram, with its vast global audience, is an excellent platform to scout for local videographers, given how many showcase their work there. Explore portfolios, engage with top users, and hire freelancers eager to collaborate on your project. Using hashtags like #Duluthvideographer #Duluthfilmcrew and #setlife can simplify your search. With over a billion users monthly, Instagram’s popularity spans across many nations, including the US.

13. Gigsalad 

Gigsalad is renowned for aiding users in event planning, providing full-service bookings for professionals like videographers. It’s a hub of authentic businesses and individuals seeking meaningful opportunities. Find a seasoned videographer in Duluth well-versed in all aspects of film production. Afterward, you can explore the myriad of other service providers listed on this platform.


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As the name implies, is tailored for freelancers. Originally designed for the Australian market, its reach has since expanded to cities worldwide, including places like Duluth. Established in 2009, the platform now boasts over 20M users globally. It’s a diverse marketplace, with experts ranging from videography and film editing to graphic design and animation.


Finding and hiring Duluth videographers on is seamless and quick. This platform serves as a bridge between sellers and buyers searching for the services they offer. If you’re scouting for a local videographer in Duluth, a simple location search will swiftly connect you with top-notch videography services ideal for your needs.

16. BNI Business Network International

BNI stands as a renowned networking organization originating from America, showcasing a vast network of local professionals globally. With a staggering 270K members spanning over 10K chapters in 70+ countries, finding a Local Videographer in Duluth through BNI is a breeze. Simply locate a nearby chapter from their extensive list and register.

17. The Knot 

Searching for event videographers in Duluth on The Knot is uncomplicated and efficient. Primarily established for weddings, The Knot also features local videographers equipped and skilled to provide varied video content. It’s a fantastic platform to explore numerous local vendors offering venue services and much more.

18. Wedding Wire 

With a likeness to The Knot, Wedding Wire emphasizes weddings and showcases a plethora of freelancers, vendors, and professional entities rendering services like videography, editing, and video production. Find a Duluth-based wedding videographer ready to capture and produce stellar footage for your event, irrespective of its location.


Simply Hired operates as a job search engine listing local videographers specializing in corporate filmmaking to live events. A favorite go-to for many, it’s where jobs and projects are posted when specialized skills are sought after. Post a job at no cost and soon enough, Duluth’s finest videographers will be vying for your project.

20. LocalGrapher

One of the premier platforms to scout for a Duluth videographer is LocalGrapher. It’s a versatile engine introducing users to local cinematographers, photographers, and videographers excelling in their craft. Engage with versatile creatives across 800+ global locations, allowing local expertise to facilitate your business growth.

21. simplifies event planning. Apart from featuring a list of Duluth videographers, the site also lists various event professionals, service providers, and local venues. Scout for filming locations, compare Duluth videographer rates, read reviews, and more. Connect with videographers via email or phone, ensuring your event’s success, be it a grand party or a business meet.

Beverly Boy Videographer


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Locating videographers on Thumbtack is as straightforward as inputting your Duluth zip code and selecting a service. The platform boasts over 250,000 professionals across diverse fields, catering to 25 million clients. Prior to initiating a conversation, get insights on a videographer’s rates, skillset, and their satisfied clientele on Thumbtack.


Media Match was crafted with the vision of establishing an online hub for media professionals. With a database featuring over 161K media professionals and 100K media companies, you’re spoilt for choice. Not limited to helping you discover a Local Videographer in Duluth, Media Match keeps you informed with the latest media industry buzz.

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