Fort Wayne Testimonial Video Production

Fort Wayne Testimonial Video Production

Do you want to hire a professional Fort Wayne testimonial video production team? The best advice we can give you for filming customer interviews or talking headshots is making the whole process “No Fuss,” meaning avoiding your interviewee having a panic attack is ideal so that they don’t forget their lines. This is not a live-stage performance, and there sure won’t be awards to hand out, but creating an effective customer interview is vital to your success, and the best way to produce such an interview is to keep the subject as relaxed as possible so that you get a truly authentic reaction from them during the interview. You don’t want them to focus on the camera or the crews operating all the gear, but you do want them to be able to look into the camera and deliver a heartfelt story that will capture watchers’ attention. You don’t have to have a perfect interview, but it does need to be done well and have human emotion in it so the audience feels the person speaking is talking straight to them. A good customer interview will resonate with the viewer, and making that happen is our job. When you are ready to start your next Fort Wayne testimonial video production, we are here to discuss what we can do for you!

Selecting a site To Film Client Testimonials

When you are selecting a site to film client testimonials, you need to remember a few things to choose the perfect space. First, you don't want your space to interfere with your interview in any way. This means that the audience should be able to focus on the subject, and not the background, and the audience should be able to hear the subject. Second, make sure your background remains in the background at all times. This means that busy locations should be controlled enough so that the action going on behind the interviewee doesn’t take over and become the focus of the film. We can pull the interviewee forward by sharpening focus on them in editing and make the background a little fuzzy in the same process, but choosing a space that has no interferences is best.

Finally, remember that editors can’t always fix audio issues like visual problems. Video can be blurred, and, color can be changed or adjusted. However, with audio unfortunately there isn't much that can be done for incomprehensible or garbled sound. You want to be in a controlled environment where you can avoid audio interference. So, filming a customer testimonial at the river may seem like it would be beautiful, and it can be for still shots, but for interviews, the wind and water can really have a negative impact on the audio. Outdoor interviews are always a bit problematic because things like car horns, animals, and more can make it hard for your subject to be heard. Your best choice is an indoor location, especially if you have more than a few questions to ask.

Customer Testimonial Production in Fort Wayne

If you want to select the perfect place for Customer Testimonial Production in Fort Wayne, then you will have no problem finding one in this city. There are many wonderful places to choose for filming here, like the 1860 Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, or the John H Bass Mansion, a hand-carved, sandstone mansion built in 1902. Want to film in the perfect space outdoors? The Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory offers beautiful views, indoor tropical and desert gardens, and places that are off the beaten path away from noise and people so you can get some quiet for off-site interviews. Johnny Appleseed Park, named after Johnny Appleseed who was buried on the site in 1845, is another fun choice if you want something different in your films. The Castle Gallery is also nice when you want to add some art to your film. This three-story building has a "castle" turret and was built in 1905. Want diversity? Downtown Fort Wayne is the heart of the city filled with arts, attractions, Parkview Field ballpark, hotels, shops, and so much more. All of these make stunning places to film, and choosing the best one is easy when you have a company like Team Beverly Boy to help you.

Fort Wayne Client Testimonial Production

A corporate interview can center on a Fortune 500 CEO, a public figure endorsing products and/or services, or a small business owner- it is really up to you and your needs. One thing for sure, though, is that you need to choose a video production company that has a high amount of experience so that you can make sure there are little to no mishaps when conducting the interviews, because you may only get 15 minutes with the talent, with no second chances available to get it right. We have the right skill and expertise to make sure you get what you paid for and you can relax knowing you are in good hands. The best way to push what you are selling is by using testimonials of your clients who are happy with what you have given them. If you have another job, like capturing a keynote speaker at a conference, we can do that, too, and we always try to make our films look better than reality. What our crews can do is astounding and truly endless, and we are ready to get the ball rolling on whatever job you have in mind!

Fort Wayne

Testimonial Video Production


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    You might think that conducting an interview is one of the easiest parts of the filming process, but there is more to it than what you see. Keeping the interviewee calm and confidant enough to deliver their lines with conviction is a difficult task on its own, coupled with all the moving parts of a production is a huge headache. The smallest things can cause serious issues. This is why you need an experienced crew to handle your interview filming needs. Getting it right the first time is vital when you potentially have one shot with interviewing your subject; which is why you should contact Team Beverly Boy; With nearly 2 decades of experience we are qualified, skilled, and ready to make this process painless for you!



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