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Producing an Ad Agency Sizzle Video to Promote Your Brand

As an ad agency, promoting the skills that you have in marketing and advertising is important to your client understanding and to the overall ROI for your brand. An ad agency sizzle video can help you promote your brand by highlighting the various marketing campaigns and achievements that you’ve had with past clientele. In fact, if you really want to stand out as an ad agency that specializes in the creation of high converting marketing campaigns, producing an ad agency sizzle video is not something you should be considering, it’s something you absolutely must have!

What is an Ad Agency Sizzle Video?

Sometimes referred to as a show reel or sizzle reel, an ad agency sizzle video represents a powerful form of media that showcases an ad agency’s most valuable features, important highlights, and marketing campaign achievements in a short, 1-2 minute compilation. Frequently used on the homepage of the ad agency’s website, the sizzle reel has the capacity to generate hype and excitement around an agency, showcasing their creative abilities and success which can also build trust or potential consumer following. 

This video compilation generally includes a mix of features and details. Video clips, live-action b-roll footage, and still images are combined with things like testimonials, reviews, and past awards or achievements to form the visual compilation. Then, the visuals are synchronized with music and narration to deliver a high-impact, ultra-fast and informative reel that highlights the ad agency for its skills. 

Why is an Ad Agency Sizzle Video Important?

Producing an ad agency sizzle video is an important step that any ad agency should consider if they are looking for a way to build up hype or awareness around their agency and want to show off their skills, achievements or abilities to generate more leads. Digital agencies have to prove their abilities to the businesses and brands that are considering them for their own marketing campaigns. A professionally produced sizzle reel can do that!

In fact, a one-minute ad agency sizzle video has the power to:

  • Showcase earlier work to help consumers see the value that an ad agency may provide.
  • Delivery key details about services provided to help consumers choose the best agency for their needs.
  • Prove past talents or techniques to improve trust in the brand.
  • Create a strong first impression that leads to increased leads & higher conversions.
  • Generate awareness around specific marketing skills or techniques provided by an agency.

A high quality, fast paced ad agency sizzle video is important to the success of your ad agency and can really help you to make a strong first impression for the brand. In fact, it can even help potential customers decide whether or not your agency is the right choice for their own marketing and advertising needs. 

What to Include in an Ad Agency Sizzle Video

If you’re thinking about producing an ad agency sizzle video for your digital agency, you’re on the right track! Today’s digital brands really need this type of content, along with other forms of video content, to showcase their skills, techniques, and important highlights that represent their brand. To help you decide what to include in your ad agency sizzle video, we’ve put together a short list of considerations. 

Here’s what you really should be thinking about:

  • The total length of your reel. Most sizzle videos are under 2 minutes with the average length really being about one-minute.
  • The music that you’ll include in your video should be upbeat and fun. Just be careful with copyrighted works as there will be additional licensing required if you choose a copyrighted song.
  • Always include your ad agency’s logo and branding. Color schemes and other brand elements can help your audience make the connection to your content and will create recognition for your brand.
  • Consider including partner logos or key details about partner projects that you’re satisfied with, especially if you’ve worked with reputable or respected brands.
  • Include images that showcase the culture of your agency.
  • Don’t forget to include some statistics, facts, figures or other numbers that represent the success of your past client projects.
  • Always include a call to action at the end of your sizzle reel to encourage your audience to connect with your agency.

Ultimately, the exact details or footage that you decide to include in your ad agency sizzle video will depend largely on your own theme or the overall story that you’re trying to tell with your reel. You want to use a lot of different mixed media so that the entire reel is fast-paced and super engaging while also showing off the important features and highlights that represent your agency or brand.

To learn more about producing an ad agency sizzle video that will highlight the successful marketing campaigns achieved by your ad agency, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to put our two decades of experience to work for your business to assist you in building hype and awareness around your agency. We’ll incorporate a variety of techniques and tactics into the production of your ad agency sizzle video to showcase the best features & benefits provided to your clients.