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How to Make an NFT for Video Creators

As a video creator, learning how to make an NFT is something that really should be under your radar at this point. Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT technology is growing more popular by the day and it’s not likely to be losing popularity anytime real soon. Top creators are going to learn how to make NFT for video or any other content they produce in order to rake in more revenue for their brands. In fact, learning how to make an NFT for video creators is something that producers, freelancers, indie filmmakers, and any video content creators that produce videos online should really pay close attention to.

What is an NFT?

By definition, NFT stands for non-fungible token. Essentially, NFTs are part of the blockchain and they represent a digital collectible which is applicable only to the art or item for which it is assigned. An NFT can be anything digital. It can be a short video or film, it can be a full-length movie, it can be an image, painting, voice recording or even a Tweet. However, just because something is digital does not make it an NFT automatically! In order for a digital art or item to become an NFT the owner must make an NFT out of it.

What is a Video NFT?

A video NFT is a non-fungible token that applies to a motion picture, and or auditory elements involved in a film. Video NFTs can include animations, cartoons, illustrations, live action motion picture, and any other format of video content. If the creator of the video chooses to certify the audio or visual components as an NFT, they can do so and the video would then become part of the historical record along the blockchain. 

Opening & Funding a Cryptocurrency Wallet

So, how do video creators go about making their video an NFT? As a creator, if you want to form an NFT out of a video that you have produced, you’ll have to start with forming accounts with an NFT marketplace, such as OpeanSea and then you’ll also need to create and fund your cryptocurrency wallet.

NFTs are typically sold on the Ethereum blockchain, which means you’re going to need a wallet that is funded with Ethereum. If you’re wondering why you need to fund your wallet if you’re going to SELL an NFT, it’s because in order to sell an NFT you must pay “Gas” prices for introducing the NFT onto the blockchain and the “Gas” fees are paid from your wallet, generally in Ethereum.

If you’d like to make an NFT for video content that you certify on another blockchain or cryptocurrency, you can. The process will be much the same, but you will fund your wallet with the appropriate cryptocurrency and you would still pay “Gas” fees similarly.

Creating an NFT for Video Content

Once you’ve opened your cryptocurrency wallet and you’ve funded it so that you now have cryptocurrency in your wallet to use for payment of “gas” fees, you’re ready to begin the process of learning how to make an NFT for video content that you have created. 

Creating an NFT out of a video that you have produced is simple. Once you’ve got your wallet ready, you’re going to connect it to the NFT marketplace that you choose to work with, such as OpenSea. Then you’re going to:

  • Open your app so that you can confirm your cryptocurrency wallet connection.
  • Choose “Create” and follow the prompts so that you can create the NFT for video content.
  • Choose “Sell” once you’ve confirmed the price of the NFT video you’ll be selling and then you can choose additional settings regarding duration or other details.

When you enter the “Create” phase of the process, you’re going to actually create an NFT for video content that you have created. This is where you will upload your video file to the blockchain. Your video will have to meet formatting requirements that are pre-set by the platform that you choose to sell your NFT on. For example, on OpenSea, you must format your videos as an MP4 and it must be under 100MB in order to form an NFT on the platform.

Once you confirm the “Sell” portion of the NFT listing, you’re completed the process and effectively learned how to make an NFT for video content. Now that you know how simple it can be to make an NFT for video content that you want to place for sale along the blockchain, what steps will you take with your video content next? Will you opt to form NFTs out of each video you produce in order to place a permanent record of that content on the blockchain?

At Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in video production and can assist you in the process of producing quality video content that you can use for the creation of NFTs that are for sale on marketplaces such as OpenSea. For more information about producing video content, or if you have questions about learning how to make an NFT for video creators, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!