7 Types of Video Content You Must Have in 2024 & How to Use Them

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The internet has revolutionized the way we operate in so many ways, including the way we use video both in everyday life and in our business and marketing activities.  Gone are the days of low-resolution, poor quality jerky videos that buffer more than they get viewed. Welcome to 2024! The year of fast streaming video, reliable video production, and more inclusion of this powerful media source into marketing mixes than ever before! If you’re not already planning these types of video content for your marketing mix, you need to be! We’re going to show you how. Here are 7 Types of Video Content You Must Have in 2024 & How to Use Them.

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Social Media Videos

Few things have changed more over the past couple of years than social media videos. The use of video on social media has evolved from something downright silly to immaculate productions that are literally life changing and of course, memorable. There’s so much more to social media videos now than just throwing an iPhone shot up and calling it quits for the day. Today’s social media videos are strategically planned, professionally produced, and commercially marketed to reach audiences that are wider than ever before.

Reports on the effectiveness of video when used in social media are significant. Twitter reports higher engagement when video is shared. Facebook mentions more people sharing posts that include video. Even Instagram says that video can increase the interaction among users on your social feeds. 

If you’re not doing social media video production right, you stand to miss out on so much opportunity in 2024. But you can’t just “do” social media videos. You must be intentional with your video content, sharing only when strategically planned and only providing your audience with the best, high-quality video content. Here’s what you need to know about each type of social media video content:

  • 1. Facebook Videos

          The majority of all Facebook videos are going to play without sound, so you need to plan for that. Also, you’ve got maybe 15 seconds to deliver your message and stick in the mind’s of the audience–so you can’t afford to waste any time! Facebook videos can be longer than 15 seconds, but it won’t matter if you don’t capture your viewer’s attention in those first few seconds as you video will never make it past the inevitable scroll. To master Facebook video in 2024, keep it short, engaging, powerfully visual in case no sound is ever heard, and consider vertical video for user friendliness as most Facebook users will be on mobile devices.

  • 2. Twitter Videos

           Your Twitter videos will be cropped to fit the mobile viewable area so plan for at least some of your video to be cutout. Make sure you aren’t including important graphics or other details that are vital to the content in the croppable area. Just like on Facebook, videos that are short tend to do better on Twitter so while videos can be up to 140 seconds, 30 seconds or less will likely remain the sweet spot for Twitter video content in 2024. But, don’t think that just because Twitter was late to bring native video into their social frenzy that video content isn’t valuable on this social platform. In fact, Twitter says that tweets which include video are 6 times more likely to be retweeted versus those that do not include video–so start rolling!

  • 3. Instagram Videos

          Don’t expect to find any success with lengthy video content on Instagram. The social giant that is directly relative to Facebook does not allow videos longer than a minute and for good cause as people generally aren’t coming to Instagram for the full update but rather the teaser or very brief spur of the moment details. If you plan on sharing videos on Instagram, make sure that you’re keeping them under 60 seconds, they are highly-visual, and you’re prepared for the content to be cropped to fit the square format. Think teasers, promos leading to videos on other platforms, and super short updates that can be visually digested in a few seconds.

Traditional Types of Video Content

Social media isn’t the only place where video content has changed and should be considered for 2024. You’ve got tons of opportunity with traditional video content too! In fact, those long considered, tried and true methods of video production that include things like product promo videos, corporate culture videos, brand stories and customer testimonials are also vital additions to your marketing mix this year. Don’t forget about them, but also–don’t just do what you’ve done in the past! It’s a new year, use the vibrant and new technology to your advantage. 

There are all different ways that you can use traditional video to your advantage. Consider corporate culture videos to share who your brand and business is or how-to videos that will share how your products or services operate. Even simple product promotions are more happily accepted when delivered visually with video. Here’s how you can use traditional video content to boost your brand in 2024:

  • 4. Corporate Culture Videos

    The corporate culture video and the About Us videos that you are accustomed to adding to your website are still going to be popular throughout 2024, but you’re going to need to work extra hard to make sure you’re delivering top-quality content to your audience as competition is greater than ever before. The cost of video production is more affordable for businesses than it was in the past and this means you’re not the only one that’s going to have that fancy corporate culture video to share this year! Make sure your video is inclusive, tells your corporate story, and shows off what your company is really all about. Share these on your website, in your signature line, and in your corporate newsletters.

  • 5. How-to Videos

    Whether it’s a product demonstration or a service tutorial, these videos help your audience to better understand how your product or service works. Since “how to” is one of the most highly searched terms on YouTube, if you’re not already sharing how-to style videos with the world, you really need to be! Just keep them super engaging, easy to follow, informative and helpful to win the audience’s attention and likes. Share these on your social media, on your website, and create how-to videos specifically for YouTube to get a piece of that search action.

  • 6. Product Promo Videos

    The promotional video or commercial highlights the top features of your product so that viewers have a better understanding of the product’s value and abilities. Think of these like the product-catalog of the future. Instead of sharing an image of your product, you get to share a video that allows for multi-dimensional views of the product completely with narration that helps the viewer to understand everything there is to know about the product. Just keep it short and interesting! Share these on your website, on social media, in your newsletters, and in your email marketing campaigns.

  • 7. Customer Testimonial Videos

    Few things are as effective in building trust as a real life customer testimonial. In fact, customer testimonial videos offer you a chance to develop a deep level of trust with your potential customers while building a better name for your brand. However, nothing is worse than a customer testimonial that appears rehearsed or fake! When sharing customer testimonial videos in 2024, make sure they are real, sincere, and genuine. Let your audience see and hear what the customer has to say. Use customer testimonials in your marketing posts on social media, on your website, on landing pages, and in your email campaigns to build trust among potential new customers. 

Each of these types of video content really should be included in your marketing mix. If you’re not already using each of these types of video, consider how you can mix them into your marketing strategy to get the most out of your content marketing. Remember, tweets that include video are more likely to be retweeted. Facebook posts with video are more likely to be shared. Emails that include video are more likely to be opened. And, potential customers that see a video are more likely to purchase your brand because video produces higher brand recognition and awareness.

Need help creating social media videos, customer testimonials, product promos or other forms of video content for your brand? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today! We’ll put our two decades of experience to work for you to create powerfully engaging videos that sell your products or services, attract visitors and engage your customers in your brand. We can’t wait to help you succeed with video in 2024!

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