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6 Shoot Location Logistics You Can’t Afford to Miss

Anyone in the video production industry will tell you that having a great location scout that finds  shoot locations that are everything you need is vital to success in the industry. Location productions have a whole set of challenges that change with each shoot and are unique to the location and the shoot itself. While some shoot location logistics can easily be planned for, certain logistics are commonly overlooked which can lead to production challenges all their own. 

So before your next on location shoot, make sure these shoot location logistics haven’t been overlooked.

1.  Location Noise

One of the most commonly overlooked shoot locations logistics and one that can literally cause nightmares on the set is noise. Location noise can result from a wide variety of on-location interference, traffic nearby, a noisy neighbor, a faulty air condition that kicks on at all the wrong times.

When shooting on location, location noise that is disruptive to the production process should really be addressed upfront before the shoot begins. 

However, we realize that even the best location scouts sometimes miss noise interference when they plan for a shoot location that will be perfect for the crew. There are some noises that can be overcome through and, planning in advance for on location noise can greatly reduce the stress caused by interruptions.

When shooting on location, be sure to pack ample audio equipment just in case you find yourself having to overcompensate for on location noise unexpectedly.

2. Parking & Entry

Finding the location is one thing, entering and parking is another. Location entry and parking may seem like obvious logistics to consider when choosing a shoot location but don’t be fooled. The details you see online may not be fully representative of the location itself.

Make sure you are fully aware of the requirements to get into a shoot location and if there are any special entry needs such as licensing or verification, discuss this with the entire production crew upfront. 

location parking

3. Location Contacts

Who is in charge of the location after hours? Make sure that you and every other major member of your production crew know how to contact the location manager. Additionally, contact names should be provided and exchanged throughout the crew so that everyone is accounted for. 

Now is a good time to provide names, phone numbers, and key details of all parties involved in the location shoot to upper crew members and anyone else that is part of the location shoot.

4. Security & Safety

Film crew safety on set is absolutely necessary If you rent a location, the location itself should have their own private security personnel whom you should talk to when you arrive at the location.

Make sure that all members are aware of who the security team is and how to contact them should they need help. 

A quick review of the location for safety should take place upon arrival. Pay special attention to any risks that may cause injury to members of the crew. Nearby roads with fast moving vehicles? Slopes or other terrain that makes it difficult to navigate. Any other risks?

5. Loading Equipment In

As the video production crew works to load equipment into the location, make sure that all location logistics are followed and that safety precautions are taken throughout this time. 

Loading in may involves bringing equipment in through the front door–no big deal. However, loading in  may require you to follow special instructions, use loading docks, or use other designated entrances to comply with on-site rules. 

6. Location Staging

The location staging area is where the video production crew will put their gear and stage their setup for the upcoming day.

Location staging requires a secure area if possible as crew equipment will be placed there and while accessibility is of major concern so too is keeping the contents away from others who may injure themselves otherwise.

At the end of the day, location shoots can go off without a hitch if proper planning and execution of the setup of the film location takes place. Location logistics are equally important to many other steps, stages of elements of the production.