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Are Commercials with Talking Heads for Corporate Culture Videos Ideal?


As a corporate business owner, you probably hear a lot about what types of videos you should be
creating for your brand if you want to grow your audience, increase your social presence, and boost
sales or conversions for your business. Chances are, you’ve even been told that you should be creating
talking head videos because they’re one of the most common forms of content produced for corporate
brands. But are Commercials with Talking Heads for Corporate Culture Videos the ideal choice for your
business or is there another, more suitable, video option that you should be thinking about?


At Beverly Boy Productions we get questions like this all the time. Unfortunately, there’s really not a
simple answer that we can offer without diving deeper into the logistics and the complexity of how
video marketing works. What we can say is that commercials with talking heads for corporate brands
are great, but Commercials with Talking Heads for Corporate Culture Videos are probably less than ideal.
Let’s take a look at each more in-depth.

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What is a Commercial Video?


A commercial video is a short, promotional video that represents your brand. It is generally a branded
video, but it could be focused on a product or service you sell rather than focused solely on your
business or brand specifically. Commercials are often seen on television, but they’re equally common on
social media as advertisements and they can be used on other websites or landing pages to develop
interest in your brand.
A corporate commercial video generally involves live-action footage or animation, that tells the story of
the brand or business, the product or service it’s representing, or a character that represents the
business or brand. Commercial videos are usually under 2 minutes and while they can include some
insight into the corporate culture of the brand or business, this is rarely the entire focus.

What is a Talking Heads Video?

A talking heads video is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a video that features a person that is talking into the
camera such that you can generally see just the head or maybe the person from the waist or shoulders
up. Talking heads videos are often filmed more like an interview so that they feature a single subject (or
more than one subject) that speaks into the camera about the brand, business, or some other topic.
Talking heads videos are often explanatory videos that are used to explain a particular concept or to
teach the audience something. Unlike commercials, which can take on many different forms and
formats, talking heads are almost always a subject talking into the camera, plain and simple.

What is a Corporate Culture Video?

Corporate culture videos are another form of content that business owners can create which may or
may not be in the form of a commercial or a talking head video.

Corporate culture videos show off the internal morals, values, and working culture of the business so that outside audiences can resonate with and relate to the brand.

The corporate culture video is often used to draw attention from consumers that are brand-conscious as well as to attract employees or to otherwise promote the human resources
side of the brand or business.

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Are Commercials with Talking Heads for Corporate Culture Videos Ideal?

Now let’s get to the bottom of the key question, Are commercials with talking heads for corporate
culture videos the ideal choice for an entrepreneur or business owner? The truth is, commercials can
include corporate culture video features, and they may be in the form of a talking head video. Is the
talking head video, in which a corporate culture feature was chosen as the means of content delivery,
the best option for a commercial? Maybe not, but it could work.
Commercials, as was previously mentioned, can take on many different forms. Depending on the
audience, and what the commercial is promoting, it may make sense to include corporate culture details
to help promote the brand to brand conscious consumers, and sometimes this can be achieved through
an interview format in which the actual style of video that is produced is a talking head video, but not
If you’re trying to decide how you should create a commercial for your brand, or you’re thinking about
including corporate culture details such as your morals, mission and values, this could be a great
approach to drive consumer interest in your business and boost sales or buy in for your brand. You
might find that producing talking heads video that incorporates the corporate culture details is one way
of creating content that you can use in a commercial, but you’ll likely find other opportunities too.
At Beverly Boy Productions, we’re not here to tell you that Commercials with Talking Heads for Corporate Culture Videos are the most suitable choice, but these different styles of video can certainly be
integrated together in some circumstances to produce something powerful and convincing for your
audience in the right conditions or circumstances. Want to learn more? Give us a call!