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5 Reasons to Use Legal Video Site Inspection Services in Court 

Legal video site inspection services that are brought forth in a court of law can help you to proceed with a powerful case. In fact, if you’re looking for a favorable outcome, the use of site inspection video services is one way that you can ensure appropriate legal representation of your case. Here are 5 reasons to use legal video site inspection services in court to improve the chances of winning your battle. 

#1. Document Safety Hazards & Defects 

When you get injured or suffer from a safety hazard it’s important to document what happened immediately. Environments can change, especially when a business knows that a court litigation suit has been filed.

Before you file a lawsuit, and preferably immediately after a safety hazard or defect has been noticed, begin documentation. Use legal video site inspection services to document the defects and hazards. This way you will have flawless data to backup your case when you go to court. 

#2. Display Accident Scenes 

If you’ve recently been in an accident, the use of legal video site inspection services to recreate the accident or document the accident scene on video is vital to your case.

Displaying the accident scene visually for the court to see and showing the adverse conditions or specific events that led up to the accident can help sway courts in your favor. Careful video documentation ensures the best chance for you to win a case like this. 

Accident scene inspections represent a valuable way of obtaining video representation of an accident that delivers powerful data in court as well as for your insurance company or for your lawyer. 

#3. Record Pre-Construction Site Conditions 

Before construction of a site begins, consider legal video site inspection services to document the pre-construction site conditions.

Recording these conditions legally is important as future cases that could involve the pre-construction details would be difficult to understand and visibly represent without this documentation.

Should any unforeseen situations arise during construction, having a pre-construction legal inspection video provides a foundation for which you can build your case in court. 

Documenting pre-construction conditions and preserving pre-construction surveys and boundaries via legal video site inspection ensures a hardscape on which to make future decisions even after new construction begins. 

#4. Present Test Results & Accurate Findings 

Want to share specific test results or findings in a court of law? Legal video site inspection services that accurate document test results and findings can be used in court to build your case or that of a client.

Consider video representation of the testing process, the discovery, and the research involved for best results in court. 

#5. Expert Witness Testimony 

Video depositions from key witnesses or special witnesses such as a doctor or specialist that cannot make it to trial are frequently used in court. Expert witness testimony or the corroboration of testimony via the use of legal video site inspection services represents one of many reasons to use video in court.

Video inspection of the witness allows for editing of the files so that the final presentation is indicative of the data that you require for court. 

Beverly Boy Productions offers a wide range of legal video inspection services to help you make the most out of your data. Give us a call to discuss a video presentation of your legal data.

We’ll work with you on location at one or several legal video site inspection crews to gather the footage required for your case.