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4 Video Content Creation Services Every Business Needs 

There’s simply no doubt video content creation services are a vital element to your marketing mix. With more than half of all content produced online now made up of video and the majority of all internet searches referencing video, the best way to market your business or brand is with video content.

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Whether you’re looking for ways to engage and interact with your customers or you’re trying to find new ways to boost your long-term commitments, video is the way to go.

Creating video content is a vital element to the marketing mix. Check out these 4 video content creation services that every business should consider. 

#1. Corporate Film Production Services 

If you’re running a business you need corporate film. Corporate films help you to build up the recognition and reputation for your brand by delivering innovative content to your audience that helps customers learn about your brand and the values that make your company who it is.

Beverly Boy Productions provides several corporate video production services.

We help you build your brand reputation online including digital marketing videos, corporate brand stories, case studies and broadcast advertorials.

Corporate video creation services bring your brand to the spotlight and feature b-roll distribution that helps consumers better understand and engage with your business. 

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#2. Social Media Video Services 

Video content creation services are all about building consumer recognition of your brand. But you have to do this in various ways because no two consumers are the same, right?

Some are going to respond to your corporate culture videos and love them. Others are going to be looking for you on social media.

Boosting Your Reach Organically

Social media video services are all about boosting your organic reach on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by delivering engaging media content that your audience is looking for. Our video creation services for social media incorporate engaging, exciting content.

It will help your end consumer connect more closely with your brand. Consider live Q&A streams, short clips, and engaging advertising content for your brand to connect on social media. 


#3. Branded Films 

Your audience will react to your business in various ways. Branded films allow your team to deliver powerful, jaw-dropping content to your audience so that they can better understand your corporation and the message you intend to deliver.

Branded video creation focuses on the use of artistic creativity to bring an element of excitement and understanding to your brand. Ready to tell your story? A branded film is just the way to get started! 

Video Content

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#4. Animation Services 

Every business and brand can benefit from the use of content creation services that directly target consumers that are trying to better understand their brand.

Animation services represent one of the most common methods of grabbing the consumer’s attention and helping them to better understand what it is you’re trying to say.

Animated video creation involves the use of dedicated graphics that tell your story, make complex topics easier to understand, and offer a fun, engaging element of surprise that is ideal for use online.

Beverly Boy Productions can help you create animated content for your business, just give us a call.