7 Video Marketing Strategies that Work

7 Video Marketing Strategies that Work

When it comes to video marketing, finding strategies that work for your business is really a matter of setting your goals and then establishing campaigns that incorporate the use of videos at each stage of your campaign. Regardless of whether you choose a funnel based strategy or you’re focused on building customer trust, finding video marketing strategies that work for your business will help you to increase your leads, grow your audience base, generate more sales, and drive revenue for your brand.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and know what it takes to find video marketing strategies that work for the brand based on their unique needs and goals. Consider these 7 types of video marketing strategies that work for many brands.

  1. Sales Funnel Marketing Strategy

Focusing your video marketing efforts on your sales funnel is one of the most common video marketing strategies that work for most any industry or brand. With this strategy, you’ll simple plan your video marketing around the consumer purchase cycle or sales cycle as follows:

  • Awareness stage – when prospects begin to become aware of the problem they’re dealing with.
  • Consideration stage – when prospects begin to consider potential solutions to their problem.
  • Decision stage – when consumers make a purchase decision.

The use of video throughout each of these sales funnel stages can help you to drive increased sales growth for your campaign. 

  1. Tutorial Marketing Strategy

Demonstrating your brand’s ability to solve unique problems and offer insight into complex concepts represents another opportunity at video marketing strategies that work. A tutorial focused marketing strategy requires the production of videos which demonstrate:

  • A brand’s ability to solve concept problems.
  • How to perform specific tasks.
  • How to solve underlying questions or concerns.
  • How to perform a particular process.
  • A comprehensive coverage of a particular concept.

These types of video marketing strategies foster consumer trust in your brand and are excellent for generating strong sales revenue and growth.

  1. Explanatory Marketing Strategy

live action explainer video

Ideal for B2B marketing, explanatory video marketing strategies that work to help your business develop strong leads and increase brand awareness are important. Many healthcare businesses take this approach to their marketing but this type of strategy is also great for any business owner that operates in the technology industry, financial industries, or other businesses where complex processes or topics are the “norm.”

Explanatory video content is great for building authority and credibility. It’s incredibly important for healthcare, wellness, and any other industries or niches that fall within the “Your Money or Your Life” (YMOYL) categories as outlined by Google (you know who you are!).

  1. Educational Marketing Strategy

If educating your audience is the key vibe that your brand benefits most from, this is for you!  Video marketing strategies that work to educate consumers are great for things like software businesses, technology, SAAS brands, and basically any type of business that educates their audiences in order to drive sales.

The use of educational marketing videos to boost business is all about creating content which appears to come from a reliable source, is trustworthy, and credible. But in order to be successful with video marketing strategies like this, you must deliver helpful content that keeps your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say.

  1. Trust Focused Marketing Strategy

Building trust among your customer audience is vital to any business, but for some the use of video marketing strategies that work to build trust is all you really need for success.  Prospects that see videos which are focused on earning their trust are more likely to convert into paying clients in the future. 

Obtaining the trust of your core audience is important at each stage of the sales funnel, but it’s really vital towards the bottom of the funnel right before a decision to purchase products or services is made.  Brands that choose this marketing strategy must focus on creating customer testimonials, branded corporate culture videos, and case study style content that gains the trust of the consumer audience.

  1. Customer Satisfaction Marketing Strategy


Video marketing strategies that work by focusing on customer satisfaction are frequently employed at the bottom of the sales funnel, when keeping customers is important. At this stage in the game, you’ve already won the customer, but you know that it is important to keep the customer around because new customer acquisition is expensive!

The use of videos to retain customers will help you to grow your business and scale to the next level.  Consider product demonstrations that will help customers maximize their use of the products they purchase and offer unique insight into features that only a paying customer might receive. You can also create videos that thank customers for their support, welcome customers to be part of a VIP group or that otherwise make them feel connected to the brand.

  1. Social Media Marketing Strategy

The use of social media focused marketing videos as part of your strategy is ideal at any stage of the sales funnel. Of all the video marketing strategies that work, the use of social media marketing is probably the most versatile. Consider the use of social media videos to promote your business, building audience awareness and generating stronger connections. Videos at this stage can also be used to drive sales or to keep existing client satisfied and engaged with the brand too. Just make sure to keep it fun!

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