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What are Hybrid Conferences & How Are They Beneficial for Businesses?

Hybrid conferences are a unique form of conference that many businesses and organizations are turning to in order to get the best of both world’s with their town hall meetings, expos, and similar meetings or conference style events. These mainstream meetings or special events that are frequently planned months in advance have quickly gained popularity, largely as a result of COVID-19 and the pandemic that put a halt to many in-person events in 2020. But what are hybrid conferences and how are they beneficial for your business or brand?

At Beverly Boy Productions we specialize in the production of hybrid conferences and events that allow consumers to attend and enjoy a meeting, expo, or similar event from the comfort of their home or office as well as in-person. Our hybrid conferences allow consumers to engage via unique equipment and technology for distributing the event through livestreaming production and technological assistance. Give us a call to learn more about working with us to coordinate your hybrid conferences or events, or continue reading to find out how hybrid conferences can be beneficial for your business, audience, or brand.

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What are Hybrid Conferences?

A hybrid conference is any meeting or event that involves an audience or group and your organization in a way in which the engagement opportunities take place via mixed live-in person activities and virtual or online events. They’re called “hybrid” because they include both virtual and live components and they are attractive to audiences of various ages large based on the presentations and value that is offered in the event over the host.

By definition, hybrid conferences are: “group conferees that take place in a venue where some of the audience will join in-person and others will join from a virtual group in which attendance takes place online or otherwise via interactive and remote technology access.” By definition, hybrid conferences must have both an in-person/live component and a virtual component. Most of the time, the virtual component of hybrid conferences will be made up of a variety of livestream meetings and challenges as well as group engagement sessions, networking events, and similar captures

Don’t Mistake Hybrid Conferences for Virtual Events

It’s important that you don’t mistake hybrid conferences for virtual events. Hybrid conferences are not the same as a virtual conference. In fact, they both are similar, although hybrid conferences differ from virtual conferences in the fact that a hybrid conference will have a multitude of engagement opportunities between venue attendees both at the actual venue where the conference is taking place as well as online via the platform where virtual attendees are engaging, too. There are a plethora of differences between hybrid conferences and virtual events so it’s important not to mistake the two of them?

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Benefits of Hybrid Conferences for Businesses

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably thinking about the potential benefits that can come from hosting a hybrid event for your brand. You’re definitely not alone! There are a number of benefits that can come as a result of your decision to host hybrid conferences over 100% in-person conferences, or conferences that are hosted entirely online. 

These events have the following benefits:

  • Businesses can invite larger audiences without increasing the venue size.
  • Business owners have less overhead for hybrid conferences compared to in-person events.
  • Businesses have global reach when they host a hybrid conferences.
  • Businesses can schedule meetings to accommodate different time zones, and where live meetings or conference might not work there is plenty of opportunity to host the conference at the right time online 
  • Low-cost hybrid events have the benefit of allowing the conference host to spend more on advertising and branding and less on actually hosting the event itself.
  • Businesses can still host events and hybrid conferences despite COVID lockdowns, social distancing and other needs.

In addition to these benefits of hybrid conferences for business owners, there are also a variety of benefits that come to potential attendees of these events.

Benefits of Hybrid Conferences for Attendees

If you’re an attendee that’s thinking about attending a hybrid conference, the benefits are plentiful, for sure! Attendees that choose to attend in-person can expect many of the same benefits that would come from a standard, live conference event. However, these attendees can also anticipate networking and online interaction opportunities with the event host too! In fact, attendees also have the following benefits from hybrid conferences:

  • Ability to attend from anywhere in the world as long as there’s an internet connection.
  • Ability to attend regardless of location. 
  • Attendees can engage in networking and other activities even if they don’t typically attend “’in-person” events or struggle to deal with large crowds or groups.
  • Attendees can actively engage virtually if they are sick, injured, handicapped, or otherwise unable to.

Realistically, when it comes to hybrid conferences, there are a plethora of benefits that both the host or business and those who attend will appreciate. In fact, there are many other benefits that come from hybrid conferences for businesses including recording the conference, keeping a library of event records, and increasing the event size without increasing budget. 

Beverly Boy Productions specializes in hosting hybrid conferences that include both a virtual component and a live component. If you’re interested in hosting an event of this sort, give us a call and we’ll work with you on coordinating the platform, film shoots, live-streaming, and any other hybrid conference production needs that come up so that you can host a powerful event for your local and virtual audiences!