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Producing 3 Minute Pitch Videos to Attract Interest in Your Brand

Whether you’re producing a sales pitch, an investor pitch, or you’re pitching a product or service idea to key stakeholders, the video pitch will attract interest in your product, service, brand or idea. Producing 3 minute pitch videos that will attract interest in your brand and generate some investor support, stakeholder buy-in, or consumer sales requires an understanding of filmmaking, professional video pitches, and your audience. 

The perfect video pitch is one that targets a unique audience and approaches them with the details, insight, and information they require to make an informed decision about supporting your brand. If you’ve never produced 3 minute pitch videos to attract interest in your business or brand, you’re missing out on a lot of potential opportunity. 

At Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in pitch videos that attract audience interest and drive attention to your brand. Give us a call to learn more about producing a pitch video for your business or brand. Our team brings decades of support and service to your business offering professional filmmaking and editing that will help you make an amazing impression to your audience. 

What is a 3 Minute Pitch Video?

3 minute pitch videos are short, impactful videos that pitch a product, service, idea, or brand to a targeted audience. These videos are often used for the purpose of pitching to investors but may also be used for sales pitches or to pitch to prospective stakeholders about upcoming product or service offerings that are of interest to a brand. Depending on the audience, 3 minute pitch videos can include a variety of content or formats but generally speaking they will follow a similar format which includes:

  • Introduction to the audience.
  • Details about the pitch.
  • Information to support the idea.
  • Evidence to encourage audience support.
  • A call to action.

How Pitch Videos Work

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While the pitch may vary, the methods behind the 3 minute pitch videos are almost always the same – they tug at the emotions of the audience to encourage them to support the idea. To do this, most pitch videos will use strong emotional connection to grab audience attention and compel them to take action and support the pitch.

The best pitch videos are those that the audience can immediately resonate with and feel connected to. Whether you’re pitching products for sale or you’re pitching a new business idea to a funder, your pitch has to grab the attention of your audience and then capture their interest. A story is usually the best way for a pitch video to achieve this outcome.

Through storytelling, 3 minute pitch videos are able to represent the idea or opportunity in such a way that the audience sticks around to hear the presentation and then makes personal connections to the offer. While 3 minute pitch videos are actually a little bit longer than what would be typical for most pitches, this length is acceptable for investor pitches and for some sales pitches if they are for a complex product that requires a more detailed approach to pitching the idea.

Key Elements of 3 Minute Pitch Videos

Every great pitch video has a story behind it, but there’s more that goes into producing the pitch than just the story. As a general rule of thumb, 3 minute pitch videos begin with an introduction of why the pitch is important followed by details on how to support the pitch. Make sure that your 3 minute pitch videos include the following:

  • Details that will stick in the audience’s mind.
  • Fun facts, statistics, or information that is catchy and memorable.
  • Authenticity and a human element that helps the audience feel connected.
  • A summary of Who you are and Why the audience should support you.
  • Details that specify how the audience can support the pitch.
  • A rundown of the main points & details of the pitch.
  • A strong emotional connection.
  • Humor when possible for a memorable experience.

Structuring the pitch is important to closing the deal. A memorable pitch is going to stick within the mind of your audience so that when they’re ready to make a decision to support your pitch or to otherwise follow through with your call-to-action they know what is expected form them. This is very important!

While 3 minute pitch videos will vary greatly based on the topic of the pitch, the audience you’re pitching to, and the desired outcome or goals of the pitch it’s important to consider the fact that the best pitch videos are those that immediate capture the attention of your audience, stick with them, and compel them to support your idea, project, or brand. 

For help coming up with the right ideas and information to create 3 minute pitch videos for your business, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’ve got decades of experience and expertise in film production and editing, with a very strong understanding of producing pitch videos that will capture audience attention and interest while engaging the viewer in a way that makes them want to support your idea. We can’t wait to produce your 3 minute pitch videos to support your business or brand!