How to Make a Video for Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising 

Facebook is one of the largest social networks and most robust locations online for advertising small, medium and large businesses. The demographic data that is offered in the Facebook advertising platform is a dream come true for marketers. But, none of this is very helpful if you don’t know how to make a video for Facebook advertising.

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Facebook advertising is relatively affordable and certainly beneficial for many brands. Once you know how to make a video for Facebook advertising you can take steps to distribute it to the appropriate audience using the powerful demographic data that Facebook collects from its millions of users. In the end, you can launch a powerful ad campaign in a matter of minutes and almost immediately begin to monitor the result.

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Planning Your Facebook Video Ad

The first step to creating a Facebook video ad is to plan. You may already have video content for your business, but that won’t necessarily work for Facebook advertising. You may be able to work with an editor to create Facebook ad videos from some of your existing content, but you can’t just take what you already have and start posting.

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As you plan your advertising campaign, consider the following:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What types of creatives will entice that audience?
  • The pain points of the audience and how your product or service helps.

Facebook Advertising Script Writing

The next step in creating a video for Facebook advertising is to write the script. Writing the script for your Facebook advertising video begins with the following questions:

  • How long will the video be?
  • Who is the main character or subject?
  • What is the key message?
  • How will you deliver the key message with a story?

The script should capture the audience’s attention, build interest in your product or service and engage the viewer. It should also be persuasive but should absolutely not be a hard-sell.

Produce the Video

Once the script is done and any storyboard or other elements are created you can begin production. For help producing a quality Facebook video that you can use for advertising, call Beverly Boy Productions. We’ll help you record a video that captures your key message and delivers it in a powerful and engaging manner.

Here are some examples of previous ads we’ve produced:

Video Editing

Once the video content is produced the footage must be edited. Editing can take much longer than production and generally requires at least an hour per minute of finished footage. During editing, special effects and graphics are included as well as animation or other key elements that bring the video together.

What it Should Contain

Your video must include a powerful call-to-action that describes the next steps you wish viewers to take. Make sure the CTA is easy for viewers to understand and relates with the content of the video.

Music can be included in the video to create a sense of energy and to further connect with the viewer. Your video production company will know how to choose music and ensure that there are no copyrights or other rules against using the music.


Video distribution for Facebook ads is a powerful marketing opportunity for businesses. Facebook provides demographics that make targeting down to a science. Ad sets can be created to uniquely target the audience that is most likely to value your content and convert.

Now that you know how to make a video for Facebook advertising, contact Beverly Boy Productions to get started.

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