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5 Tips on Producing a Company Interview Video that Shares Your Brand with the World

Producing a company interview video that is going to share your brand with the world is a great way to boost audience hype, generate greater authority, build leads and grow your business. However, your company interview video is only effective if it comes across professionally and makes a great first impression. Learning how to produce a company interview video that’s going to skyrocket your brand’s reputation is a process that simply requires some bare essential planning and preparation.

At Beverly Boy Productions we’ve spent more than two decades working with business owners to create top quality video content that accelerates brand growth and boosts audience recognition to entirely new levels. To learn more about producing a company interview video with our team, give us a call!

Follow these 5 tips on producing a company interview video if you’re interested in sharing your brand with the world!

  1. Forget the Script! 

If you’re sharing your business and the story behind it, you don’t need a scripted interview. In fact, the decision to work without the script will help you to achieve a more genuine emotional connection with your audience.  Building connections with your audience is essential, but if they don’t feel like what you’re saying is genuine, those connections are of little value. Capturing a company interview video that is unscripted allows for the authenticity to shine through.  This is your opportunity to share your true passion with your audience as you share your brand with the world.

Simply aim for a natural conversation about your brand that’s going to reflect in your interview as a level of genuine authenticity that your audience simply cannot look beyond! This is how you make connections with the world.

  1. Focus on the People Not the Product!

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Producing a company interview video might seem like your opportunity to focus on sharing your products or services with your audience, but doing so is likely to backfire on you! The reality is, you should be focusing on the people, not the product, when you create the interview. The best branded interview videos are those that are people focused, not product focused. 

When you make your video about the people that are a part of your company or the customers that are important to your brand, you’re going to naturally touch on topics that are important or interesting to your target audience. Keep in mind that fact that the true story behind your business is based on the people that are behind your business. 

By building your company interview video around discussions of the people that make up your company, the customers that purchase from your company, and those who are in any  way involved with your brand, you’re going to stand out to a key audience more than you would if you were to focus more heavily on your products specifically.

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  1. Use Transcripts to Maximize the Value of Your Video

Producing a company interview video is really all about creating content that is going to directly resonate with your target audience to develop strength for you brand. Once you’ve captured the interview on camera, consider transcribing the interview video so that you have a written copy of the entire conversation that you and the interviewer had together. 

By doing this, you will have a copy of the written transcript which can easily be reviewed for key features, clips, or important topical coverage that you can later highlight or otherwise use to your advantage in the post-production process or even after post in distribution.

Your written transcript allows you to easily review to be sure you’ve covered everything that was important to you and that you’ve been able to highlight the features of the interview that are most valuable to your audience growth.

  1. Make Sure You Connect With Your Interviewer

If you don’t mesh well with your interviewer, you’re probably not going to open up much during the interview and your company interview video might not come out nearly as powerful and effective as you would like. If you’re working with a professional production company to film your interview video, it’s possible that they will hire a professional to perform the interview on camera with you. If this is the case, make sure that you’re very comfortable with the interviewer, and if you’re not comfortable, make it known!

It is absolutely vital that you can have natural, comfortable conversations with the interviewer in order to produce a company interview video that’s going to share your brand with the world. If the interview isn’t comfortable, the video will not come out seeming natural or comfortable and you’ll have significant problems.

  1. Incorporate B-Roll for a Cinematic Storytelling Effect

One of the absolute best things you can do when producing a company interview video is to build a story and use cinematic storytelling effects to deliver the content to your audience. Your b-roll can be used to visually produce a story that your audience will resonate with and love, especially if you’ve got a professional film crew assisting with the production. Keep your B-roll in mind throughout the interview process so that you can maximize the visuals and capture the interest of your audience for maximum engagement.

Want more tips on producing a company interview video? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call!