How to Hire an Atlanta Hybrid Event Company

Hybrid events and meetings are the latest craze as in-person and virtual gatherings are combined to provide a hybrid event experience that captivates audiences in-person and online. These events are powerfully effective, and provide organizations with a unique opportunity to reach a much wider audience than ever before resulting in higher overall ticket sales and support as well as increased sponsorship for the organization. But figuring out how to hire an Atlanta hybrid event company to work with is not something that you can just swiftly cover.

Before hiring an Atlanta hybrid event company, you’ve got to be sure that the team you intend to work with has the skills and expertise to coordinate the in-person and virtual components of such an event, without missing any important steps in regards to the technological setup or specific needs of the event. Coordinating a hybrid event in Atlanta certainly has some nuances that only a professional would understand, for instance you have to be sure you’ve got consistent uptime so that your virtual component remains actively engaged and entertained for the duration of the event just as much as you have to be sure that those attending in-person have the audio, entertainment, and lighting to see and engage in real-time.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we know the ins and outs of coordinating and executing an Atlanta hybrid event. As a professional Atlanta hybrid event company with more than two decades of experience, our team knows what it takes to successful host your event. Give us a call to learn more, or keep reading for additional insight on Atlanta hybrid events.

Why Host a Hybrid Event?

As a business owner or organization, the decision to host a hybrid event is largely based on your own individual needs to reach an audience that is as wide as possible. By hosting hybrid, you have the power to reach not only those who can attend in-person, but also to reach those who cannot personally attend for various reasons whether financial, physical, or otherwise. Offering a virtual component that allows attendance online attracts guests that prefer to attend from the comfort of their home or office.

Additional reasons to host a hybrid event in Atlanta include:

  • Broader reach and increased engagement through online interaction.
  • Removal of time limits and constraints that otherwise would prevent attendees from engagement.
  • Elimination of the need to have attendees or speakers travel, those who cannot travel can attend virtually.
  • Additional revenue creation through the opening of virtual attendance.
  • Dynamic and innovative activities that can meet the unique needs of attendees of all ages.

Hiring an Atlanta Hybrid Event Company

If you’re considering the idea of hosting a hybrid event in Atlanta, you could benefit greatly from hiring an Atlanta hybrid event company to work with. Working with a professional ensures you have the equipment and appropriate crew in place to ensure the event Is delivered to your in-person and virtual audiences with absolutely professional quality and care. Hiring a professional will ensure that you have:

  • Assistance with Atlanta venue selection and negotiations.
  • Support in the management of virtual event technologies.
  • Maximized fundraising via various opportunities including silent auction, sponsorship and donations.
  • Event scheduling and coordination assistance.
  • Attendee management and data.
  • Programming schedule.
  • Consultation and interactive capabilities. 

Working closely with an Atlanta hybrid event company will provide the best potential outcome of your hybrid event, but it’s important for you to very carefully consider who you hire before moving forward with your project. You want to be sure that you hire a professional crew that brings with them both the technology and the techniques that are required for a professionally produced event. 

Before hiring, ask about past events that the company has coordinated and the success of those events. You may also want to speak with past clients or to review any past client reviews that the company may have to ensure they’ve got the skills and client satisfaction levels that you would expect for your own event. Ultimately, your decision to hire an Atlanta hybrid event company is very important and is certainly something that you should carefully weigh before finalizing. For more information, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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