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How to Hire a Jacksonville Hybrid Event Company

Hybrid events are incredibly popular among organizations in Jacksonville, largely because they provide flexibility for attendees to engage and be part of the event regardless of their location. Hiring a Jacksonville hybrid event company to assist with the production of your next hybrid event is key to the overall success and seamless delivery of your event. Professional hybrid event production companies have what it takes to deliver a captivating, entertaining, and engaging event to your audience both in-person and virtually through a branded event platform or host.

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What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is any event that includes both live, in-person components as well as virtual in-app, and online components that are hosted through a branded event platform. These mixed opportunity events are flexible and appealing to sponsors, event holders, and attendees because they allow for maximum audience attendance from locations local to Jacksonville as well as worldwide.

Hybrid events include many of the same components you would expect from a typical live, in-person event or a virtual event. They’ll often include webinars, breakout sessions, live Q&A sessions and polling, as well as live streaming of keynote speakers and presentations. For attendees that are present in Jacksonville, the hybrid event might appear like any other live event with the exception of having a virtual app or host that allows attendees to connect to the event online, too.

For virtual attendees, the hybrid event might include livestreaming of the same presentations that attendees in-person are engaging with. There may also be opportunities for live attendees to engage and network with those in attendance virtually depending on the app sophistication and/or the abilities provided through the virtual event hosting platform.

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Jacksonville Hybrid Event Production Company

A Jacksonville hybrid event production company will assist you with the delivery of a high-quality production that seamlessly integrates your audiences and attendees whether they are in-person via a Jacksonville event venue of your choice or they’re in attendance online. In fact, working with a professional Jacksonville hybrid event company ensure that:

  • Audio and visual production for in-person attendance is professionally carried out.
  • Virtual attendees have livestream access to keynote speakers and presentations.
  • On-demand content is made available for virtual viewing.
  • Expert content streaming is available for virtual attendees. 
  • On-site event management is provided to ensure satisfaction of those in attendance.
  • Corporate branding is delivered both on-site and virtually through the event hosting platform.

By working closely with a Jacksonville hybrid event company, you will know that your audience, whether they are in attendance online or on-site, is engaged and entertained with only the most professional quality content delivery and presentations.

Hire a Jacksonville Hybrid Event Company

The decision to hire a Jacksonville hybrid event company will most likely come early in the process of planning and executing your hybrid event. This is important because by working closely with a professional you can get assistance in venue choice, hosting platform needs, and other important details that will certainly come up early in the process.

If you’re thinking about hiring a Jacksonville hybrid event company, you should carefully consider who you choose to work with based on their past experience and expertise. You want to work with a production company that has the expertise and technology to deliver an exceptional experience for your attendees regardless of where they are in attendance from. You also want to know that you’re working with a crew that understands the ins and outs of both virtual event production and livestreaming as well as in-person event production needs.

Beverly Boy Productions is your Jacksonville hybrid event company. With more than two decades of experience and expertise in event production, we’ll bring our A-game to your event. Give us a call to learn more about producing a hybrid event that will captivate your audience and amaze a crowd!