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How to Hire a Detroit Hybrid Event Company

Planning and executing a Detroit hybrid event is something that many businesses and organizations are now considering. Not only are hybrid events the next best thing when it comes to event hosting, they have the power to engage and entertain audiences potentially worldwide. Businesses and organizations love hybrid events for their extreme reach and amazing value, sponsors love them for their large audiences, and attendees love them for their flexibility. If you’re thinking of hosting a hybrid event in Detroit, you’re going to need to hire a Detroit hybrid event company to assist you.

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What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is a mixed media event that includes both an in-person, live component and a virtual, online component. Together, these two components are combined so that attendees can choose to engage in the event in-person via a venue in Detroit or online, virtually through an app or other event platform. This provides great flexibility attracting larger audiences and attendees as well as more sponsors, too!

Why are Hybrid Events so Popular?

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COVID-19 largely popularized the hybrid event as many organizations looked for ways to allow event ticket holders that couldn’t make it to an in-person, live event an opportunity to still engage and attend an event even if they were sick, unable to travel, or otherwise unable to attend. Thus, the idea for mixed, in-person and virtual, hybrid events became more popular than ever before. This allowed those who couldn’t attend a live event for various reasons to get involved virtually and, it was a big hit!

Hybrid events continue to be incredibly popular because they are flexible. Attendees often have a number of reasons why they can’t attend an event in-person. Sickness, distance, lack of a babysitter, and even just being an introvert will often prevent good people from attending in-person events, but that’s not the case when there is a hybrid or virtual component available to the event!

Hiring a Detroit Hybrid Event Company

Planning and hosting a Detroit hybrid event is something that will certainly require some essential coverage. Before you go booking a venue or making other event plans, consider hiring a Detroit hybrid event company. Working closely with a production company that can organize and coordinate your Detroit hybrid event will ensure that you:

  • Have all of the equipment and technology in place for the event.
  • Get all logistics and important details hammered out before the event.
  • Plan for interactive events, sponsorships and elements of the event.
  • Present virtual opportunities for attendees to engage just as those who are in-person do, too.
  • Deliver powerful entertainment exhibits that reach your audience online and offline.
  • Tailor the value proposition of the event to meet the unique needs of your attendees.

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There’s a lot that goes into planning and executing the ideal hybrid event in Detroit or any other city. Beverly Boy Productions will help organize and coordinate your hybrid event to ensure:

  • Live chats for attendees in-person and in the virtual host.
  • Polling and other data gathering for your future marketing and advertising after the event.
  • Breakout sessions and other planning to deliver maximum engagement for your audience.
  • Customized branding on-site and within the virtual event platform.
  • Interactive sponsorship opportunities.
  • Video and group chats for attendees that utilize the virtual component.

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into the planning and production of a Detroit hybrid event. To learn more about Beverly Boy Productions, your Detroit hybrid event company, or to book our services for an upcoming hybrid event that you’re planning, give us a call!

We look forward to assisting your organization in the planning and production of a hybrid event in Detroit. From venue choice and sponsor connections, to attendee awareness and boosting your audience, our team is prepared to work closely with your team to ensure your hybrid event goes off without a hitch!