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Benefits of Producing Videos Explaining Cryptocurrency

As more brands and businesses begin to transition to accepting cryptocurrencies or to utilizing blockchain technology in their own operations, it is becoming increasingly common for customers to have questions related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Your clients want to know how the blockchain impacts them and they’re interested in learning about cryptocurrencies as it applies to their engagement with your business, but for many the concepts are complicated. Videos explaining cryptocurrency can help your audience to better understand the new technology and the impacts it is having on business operations.

In fact, your decision to produce videos explaining cryptocurrency will not only impact your current customer, but your target audience, too. As you increase your involvement in the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, your audience is going to have increased questions about how these technologies are going to impact their lives. As a business owner, you owe it to your audience to produce videos explaining cryptocurrency and the other technologies that you utilize within your business if it directly impacts them.

Explain Technical Concepts with Simplicity

Cryptocurrency can be incredibly complicated to understand, especially to our older generations. Add in the details surrounding the blockchain technology and the concepts surrounding decentralization and you can end up with a lot of incredibly confused customers. However, one of the great benefits of producing videos explaining cryptocurrency is the fact that in doing so you’re helping your audience to understand crypto markets and the blockchain not just as it impacts your business, but as it may impact their lives outside of your business too.

Fortunately, animated videos, and other types of explainer video content, can be used to explain complex, technical concepts with simplicity. Cryptocurrency explainer videos can help your viewers to gain a more friendly, acceptable understanding of concepts that are important to your brand.

Engaging Explanations Keep Audience Around

The use of videos explaining cryptocurrency or other complex topics is a great way to get your audience engaged and to keep them listening. Video content, especially animated videos, are a great way to deliver otherwise boring or technically complex details that could quickly lose your audience’s interest without actually losing them. These videos, especially when you keep them short and to the point, are more likely to keep your audience interested than a long, overwhelming written blog post or explanation of a concept that’s difficult to fully understand.

Short, powerful explainer videos are more engaging than long-detailed blog posts and, since we tend to recall up to 95% of what we see versus just 10-20% of what we read, you can expect your audience to have a stronger understanding if you give them content via video rather than via any other format.

Bite Sized Bits Keep Audience Engaged

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Producing videos explaining cryptocurrency will help you to engage your audience and keep them around for the duration of the explanation that you’re providing.  Although cryptocurrency explainer videos can be difficult to follow because they include a lot of complex information, by delivering it in the form of a short, 1-2 minute video you can expect that your audience won’t lose interest so easily.

Bite sized content, such as short explainer videos, are the best way to explain blockchain technology, crypto markets, and other important data that could otherwise be complex and challenging to comprehend. By giving your audience insight into important concepts in short bursts, they’re not only more likely to understand it, but more likely to remember it later, too.

Eye Catching Visual Concepts & Storytelling for Maximum Interest

For best results, and to ensure your audience is most interested in what you have to say, producing videos explaining cryptocurrency is key. Use storytelling to be sure that you grab your audience’s attention and that they stick around to learn what you have to say. Incorporate eye-catching visuals so that you know that they will be interested in the entire video and that they are going to be more likely to fully engage with, listen to, and learn from the content.

Producing videos explaining cryptocurrency is certainly not something that businesses have been considering for long, but new technology like this requires new insight and a new approach in order to keep your audience fully informed. These videos can build trust, value, and consumer connections for your brand that no other form of content has such power to fulfill.

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