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Best Boston Corporate Video Production Insights

When deciding whether you need to use film for helping your business grow, you should give some serious thought to how you will select the Best Boston corporate video production company to walk you through how the process works. Video campaigns now cater to niche markets because consumers love personalization. Telling your brand’s story by targeting customers directly helps you speak right to them and guarantees you will see more interest in your brand, both from people who already like your company and people who are just learning about it.

Boston video production studio

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Making the Best Use of Your Boston Corporate Video

Albeit it an impressive marketing tool, not all Boston corporate videos are a success. For a positive result, you’ll need to create corporate video that has substance and is authentic.

Whether you’re sharing video at Biotech Week in Boston or looping it in your office in downtown Boston, you want it to make a long-lasting impression on your audience. High quality corporate videos will help this to be possible. Low-quality videos will have the opposite effect.

A great way to be sure you create a stunning video is to start off by responding to these questions: What is the purpose? What are your business objectives? Knowing what your vision is will help you to create the right type of Boston corporate video to reach your goals.

Check out our infograph.

Based on your vision, repurposed video content for social media might do a lot more for you than a homepage promotional video or still photos for your website.

If you want to create visuals for email campaigns, you’re going to want to use very different video than what is used for television or using audio for radio-type services.

Boston Corporate Video Production Cost

Doing business in Boston, Massachusetts, Suffolk County can be a competitive thing—we know it. This is one reason why your visuals should help you to stand out from your competitors.

When creating the video, think about more than just your business goals. Think about who you are trying to reach, what message you hope to portray, and what you’d like this content to do for you.

No matter which video you choose to produce, the price will be dependent on a couple of things when working with the best corporate video production companies in east-central Massachusetts.

Here is a helpful way to figure out pricing: (1) the length of your clip (2) the equipment and team needed to make it come to life. Below is a pricing sheet that clarifies the different aspects of the corporate video production cost.

Boston Corporate Video Production Pricing Sheet:

  • Video Director: $100/hour to $250/hour
  • Script Writer/Marketer:$60/hour to $150/hour
  • Video Editor:$60/hour to $175/hour
  • Cameramen:$125/hour to $400/hour
  • Actors/Presenters:$100/hour to $500/hour
  • Equipment:$25/hour to $100’s/hour
  • Studio Shooting:$100/hour to $400/hour
  • Narrators/Voiceovers:$100 to $400
  • Audio Files:$30 to $1,000
  • Video Rendering:$30/hour to $75/hour
  • B-Roll:10% to 50% addition to shooting costs
  • ‘Miscellaneous Fees’:$100 to $1000’s

Boston Corporate Pre-Production

With Boston corporate video production, there are a few important phases: pre-productionproduction, and post-production. These phases are needed to bring your project to life.

With Boston corporate pre-production, you’re getting the ball rolling. You’ll be speaking with the producer or director will about your vision to come up with the best plan or outline, as well as prepare script for any presenters or narrators.

Depending on the concept, you may also need the crew to find out information on location permits or studio access.

Pre-production is needed for a successful production experience. It ensures that the end result is exactly what you want it to be.

Corporate Production

This is when you can create magic. In the corporate production phase, your footage is filmed, and everything you worked on in pre-production will start to come to fruition. A talented crew will make sure that everything stays according to budget and schedule, etc.

Every party of the corporate film making process is needed for a good production experience. The grip, electric, and design crews will get started first. Then, the camera and sound departments start to film.

Of course, the production process is dependent on what you will be creating. Different things go into different results. For an explainer video, animators and narrators could be needed whereas actors may not be necessary.

On the other hand, if you’re filming employee testimonials, animators probably won’t be an important player in production. Also, B-roll footage is often captured during this phase, and then used later on.

Corporate Post-Production

Post-production is highly necessary for producing top-quality corporate video. During this phase, the video is cleaned up by expert editors who will take care of everything from visuals to sound, including the addition of sound effects or music.

Once your video is edited and rendered, it’s nearly complete. Before preparing your video for distribution, your crew should let you see how the finished product looks. This is to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the video before you share it with the world.

If you’re happy with it, then it’s ready to be shared with the world during the corporate post-production phase. At this point, the video is yours to do with it what you will. Whether you want to share it on social media or on your website, it’s up to you.

Boston Corporate Live Streaming

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Live streaming and corporate webcasting is a great way to reach out to your audience in real time.

With Boston corporate live streaming, you’re able to provide an in-depth experience for viewers that makes them feel like they’re a part of the event. It’s what makes live streaming so unique. Simple videos just won’t compare.

Live streaming in Boston, Massachusetts is often helpful for recording information about your services or at an event.

Depending on the platform

While your followers you’re your corporate streaming media, your content is exposed to even more people that could get interested in what you have to say.

Apart from Boston corporate live streaming on social media, you can also use it for business meetings or corporate events, and even things like quarterly company webcasts can be beneficial.

The good news is that streaming live corporate events is not very challenging for professionals, so you can trust that they’ll take great care of you.

Best Practices for Boston Corporate Video Production

First, it is highly recommendable to work with your Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and Massachusetts Small Business Development Center for great tips on how to go about your project and local insights.  

Here, we have also provided our favorite tips for top-quality corporate video for your company. We highly recommend checking out some of these best practices as you start out on the corporate video production process.

Tip #1- Determine the purpose of your video. 

Normally, you’ll speak with your director or producer about this in the pre-production phase, but we also suggest that you have some type of clarity about your vision before you meet with them.

Tip #2– Be clear and concise. 

When it comes to creating video, short and concise is not a bad thing. In fact, most high-quality videos are short and captivating, making it easy for people to view them quickly.

Tip #3- Be sure to include branding. 

You want to convey who you are in an easy-to-understand way that is authentic and true to your brand. When viewers can connect to your company identity, they’re more apt to want to know more about you.

Preparing Your Team for Corporate Video

Whether your business resides in 02101, 02109, and 02110, you’ll want your whole company to be on the same page. You’ll need to prepare your team for corporate video, and one of the ways to do so is by talking about your wardrobe. 

According to film protocol, those on camera should not wear black and white tops or anything with brand names or logos.

In many cases, your pants or shoes are left up to you but it’s wise to consider what the subject matter is and if they are suitable for the video. Most of all, work on being natural on camera. 

Being you is important and authenticity is needed for corporate video production. Hair and makeup is also suggested so that you can be sure that you’re putting your best foot forward.

Be Prepared with Questions

If you’re filming corporate testimonials, you should have questions ready for the people you’re filming. 

Questions like “ How do we stand out from other options?,” “What was it like before you received our product or service?”, “What would you tell someone who’s considering our services?” are needed to attract your audience to what you have to offer.

Hiring a Boston Corporate Video Company

Once you’ve compiled your ideas, it’s time to bring them to life with the right team. There are a number of options to choose from in the area, from Boston, Massachusetts to Somerville, Brookline, and Waltham, so you definitely have your work in store for you.

Think about the following things when hiring a Boston corporate video company: video samples and responsiveness.

Video Samples

When looking for a company to work with, you’ll want to find one with great reviews. We also think it’s a good idea to consider checking video reviews. 

Anyone can post anonymous, false reviews, but video is solid. Also, you can ask for samples. Look for consistency in these samples and reviews to be sure that the company really offers the quality they say they do.


A top company will reply quickly. Your project is important to them. You may also get a free quote for your project. That said, they should provide concise consultation that can make it easier for you to get an amazing finished result. 

Look for responsiveness in communication to ensure that what you want to create is something that is important to them.  

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Boston Corporate Video Filming With Beverly Boy

For over a decade, we have worked in Boston corporate video filming, helping clients all across Eastern Massachusetts create intriguing films that have reached millions all over the city of Boston.

Just about any company can offer corporate video services, but Beverly Boy Productions has real world experience in corporate video filming, and we are able to make a distinction between what you will need for this type of film versus other films.

This is important, because corporate videos are sometimes confused for promotional videos, or even ads, but they are not the same thing and each requires something different.

Team Beverly Boy knows this, so we can walk you through all the many different options to help you pick the best ones for your brand. We serve all of Eastern Massachusetts, including Jamaica Plain, Braintree, Cambridge, and Dedham.

What Is Boston Corporate Video Marketing?

Boston Corporate video marketing is a way for a company to discuss, well- itself! This is not the time to sell a service or product, but rather an opportunity to tell your audience about your company’s history, plans for the future, and other details that are of interest.

Utilizing corporate video marketing in Boston is enticing viewers to like your whole company, not just what you sell, by showing them what lies at the heart of your business and allowing them to learn more about you.

Consumers today like to be spoken to, directly, and like to put a human face and story to businesses. If that story resonates with them, they are more likely to support you and your brand.

This means that producing the Best Boston corporate video production you can is an investment your company can’t pass up if you want to remain competitive in today’s market.

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Vetting Boston Corporate Video Making Companies

The first step is, of course, to research the top Boston corporate video making companies that can handle your production. Keep in mind that any company can make the claim that they know how corporate video production works.

But not all of them have that true experience, and you need to make sure you are going with someone who is actually qualified in this field. Whether you run a consulting firm in Suffolk County, or design firm on Acorn Street in Beacon Hill.

You want a company that has proven itself with corporate videos in East Massachusetts. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples- you are interviewing them, after all, to see if they are a good fit for the job you have in mind.

A good Boston business video company will be able to prove their work is solid and that they are the best company for your job, with ease.

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Choosing Your Boston Corporate Video Company

Once you have chosen the Boston corporate video company that you think will be best for your project, make sure they offer all the services you need, at the budget you have available, before going forward.

You need to have a solid idea, a list of services you want them to provide, and a detailed budget before you move into filming. What services will you need the Boston corporate video company to provide for you, and which are you able to do yourself?

Scripting? Location scouting? Talent scouting? Having a list of the services you require makes everything easier on you and the Boston corporate video makers.

But remember that you need to have a reasonable budget, too, so every service you need will add more to the output of your budget. When you have your initial consultation, get a solid cost and timeline for the project so you enter into filming knowing what to expect.

How To Monitor Boston Corporate Film Production Companies

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You will learn, quickly, that Boston corporate film production companies are very efficient in filming corporate videos. If the company you have selected doesn’t seemed to be, and isn’t highly-organized, you may have not chosen a good company.

Additionally, you should be kept in the loop throughout the production. If you aren’t, start asking questions! This is a red flag that needs addressing.

This type of video production requires the expertise of people who have worked in the Boston corporate film production industry so that everything is done correctly.

If you aren’t asked for your input, that is another red flag. You should always be asked your opinion so that you know the production is going the way you want.

How To Use your Boston Business Video Production

When filming is complete, you should be left with a high-quality Boston business video production that your company is able to use for informing your viewers, and enticing new ones to check out your company, but what should you do with it?

When you choose to work with an experienced production company, they will generally offer you the ability to put it on air or online so that your audience is able to view it.

When you have your initial consultation with the company, ask them if this is a service that they offer.

Using your new Boston business video production is going to be one of the easiest parts of the entire process, though, because you will be able to share it on multiple platforms at one time, which allows you to reach the maximum amount of viewers with just one film.

This is one reason film is such a valuable investment for a corporation.

We hope that these best Boston corporate video production insights are helpful. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you.