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Boston live stream video production makes it easier for you to have interaction between you and your audience in real time. You may have never used live streaming tech before or maybe you have, but you most likely have questions about the process. We have compiled some FAQs that can help you understand the ins and outs of live streaming and how it can help you, as we answer the questions below. 

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What is Live Streaming Production & How Does it Work?

Live streaming video production is a somewhat new technology that involves video content delivered in real time over the internet. It can often be used on social media networks or is also available through a password-protected platform that can be accessed through login or payment. Many live stream broadcasts are embedded on social media networks but it could also be used on a live streaming platform.  

Businesses typically choose to live stream private events for their company or clients over a website that is password-protected. On the other hand, public events are shared with as many people as possible. Where one chooses to share the content, whether on a platform or website, typically depends on who the intended audience is. 

Who Can Watch my Live Stream?

Referring back to the first question, this depends on where you have the live stream content. Who is it for? You can stream an event to be seen by anyone on any device in the world or you can have it password protected that is designed to only be delivered to specific areas, thanks to geo-blocking location services that allow the content to only be viewed in a certain country by the audience you are wanting to reach.  

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Will the Live Stream Production be High Quality?

The quality of the production depends on who produces the live stream and the steps they take in production. Typically, the quality of your live stream should be on-par with the experience for event attendees who are there in person. Simply put, your audience watching via live stream should be able to feel like they’re there at the event itself.  

Optimal placement of the audio gear, lighting, and cameras all has an impact on the quality of the live stream experience for those watching at home. But, you also want to make sure that those attending in-person also have a great “viewing” as well. So, to make sure that your live stream production doesn’t impact an in-person audience, you’ll want to make sure you work with a Boston production company that knows how to facilitate a quality experience for everyone, both in-person and online.  

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How Many Cameras will Be Used?

The amount of cameras that can be used to film your Boston live stream production depends on the kind of event you’ll be doing and your specific needs. In some cases, multiple cameras are needed when you want to capture both the show or presentation while also highlighting the reaction of those in attendance. A knowledgeable direct is able to switch between shots and angles to ensure that you get a top-notch effect, while filming on location, in real time. This type of quality shoot allows for less post-production work when sharing on-demand content once the live event has been filmed. 

Can We Stream on More than One Platform?

The answer is yes you can and a lot of companies will suggest this. Make sure to discuss your needs in advance, such as if you want the live stream to be on both Facebook and your website, etc., so that the pre-production work is done to make this happen. When things are planned in advance, a lot can be achieved.  

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Can We Include Graphics or Music?

It simply depends on the team you work with. If you work with a production work with experience in adding text overlays, call-to-action graphics, or logos, and even music, than the answer should be yes. You can include things and details on the live stream that help to enhance the experience for your audience. Keep in mind that with fully-licensed music, you’ll need to have advance planning. Remember that on some platforms, copyrighted music may be taken down. 

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What is On-Demand Streaming?

Many businesses may also decide to go one step further than just do live-streaming. Some may also offer on-demand video for those who missed the live stream to see later on. It’s viewable after the live stream and in some cases is locked until the company decides they want to share it with their public. 

How Long Does Live Streaming Production Take to Set Up?

Setting up for a Boston live stream production sometimes takes quite a few hours before an event to set up. The production crew can spend around three to five hours taking care of the IT elements and setting up the camera system as they make sure that there won’t be any issues during the event. When cameras and gear have been tested, simple tests can also be done by the IT staff so that you’ll have a smooth, successful live stream event. 

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What Can Go Wrong?

A question that should be asked that typically isn’t is “what can go wrong?” The truth is that a lot can go wrong and the fact is that when “bad’ things happen in the live stream, it can be a bit challenging to fix in real time. So, it’s best to pre-empt problems before they ever happen by making sure to work with professionals that can help you avoid potential disasters. A lot can go wrong, but it doesn’t have to. 

However, working with a professional production crew that has knowledge in live stream production can help you achieve success and a smooth experience with little to no mishaps throughout the project. From poor lighting to power outages, difficulties arise, but with the right production with you, you can overcome these challenges and keep your live stream on track. 

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Why Live Stream?

Live streamed events make it possible to reach a larger audience with your content that goes beyond your live audience. If you don’t know if live streaming is what you need, think about the following:  

  • In the early days of live streaming, in 2016, the industry was valued at $30B. It is believed that it will grow into a $70B industry in the next 24 months.
  • 81% more internet users watched live stream content in 2016 than in 2015 and that number increases as time goes by.
  • 63% of those aged 18-34 years old regularly watch live-streamed video content.
  • People 35-54 are creating and using their own live stream videos.
  • Live streaming video content allows for active user engagement that may not be achieved in other ways. 

If you’re not already live streaming video content regularly, you should be. If you need help setting up a live stream production, let us know. Beverly Boy Productions is here to assist you with the best Boston live stream video production.

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