Why Video Production is Key in Content Marketing

Why Video Production is Key in Content Marketing

Content marketing takes many forms, especially with the several billion new pages of content that come to light on the internet every single day. We see content of all shapes and sizes, all around us, all day. There’s Facebook posts and pictures, candid photos and videos, blog posts and infographics, slide shows and explainers, animations… the list goes on and on. It’s rather safe to say that we are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content that appears on our feeds on a daily basis. With so much to offer, let’s take a look at why video production is key in content marketing that will get your brand noticed.

  1. People Engage with Video Because They Love It

So many of us are hardwired to love images. Visual creatures if you must, find video to be an informative, captivating option for digest valuable content in everyday life. That’s why there are television shows and movies, news, and your online favorite, YouTube. In fact, it is estimated than at least 50% of individual 18-34 years old would literally stop what they are doing to watch a recently released video by their favorite YouTube creator. Maybe that’s why video consumption is estimated to grow by 9 minutes per day in the next year!

What can you do to future-proof the content you create and increase customer satisfaction? Create more engaging video content! This is reason #1 why video production is key in content marketing!

  1. Video Increases Value Perception

Marketing emails that include video have a significantly higher click through rate than those that include text alone. Likewise, landing pages that embed video have conversions up to 80% higher than those that do not have video embeds. And, people spend up to 88% more on a website that showcases a video than those that spend on websites without video.

Videos increase value perception and connect visitors to your brand. Video production is key to content marketing because it allows you another vertical to connect with your audience and allows you to connect with the visual audience that may be otherwise misrepresented if video is not used.

  1. Videos are Shared More than Any Other Content

If you’re unsure of the true value of video, consider this: People share video 1200% more frequently than they do text and images combined according to Forbes. Your visitors are impacted by video–in a good way!

If you really want a message to be shared, create a video! Videos are more likely than written content to be shared. As such, videos are a vital offering for brands that are trying to connect with their audience through shared content. The more videos you create, the greater the chance your brand will go viral and see a huge ROI.

Video content also offers more potential than written content to develop a following. If you’re truly using content marketing to increase your online presence, you must be using video to capture the interests of your viewers.

  1. Video Content Strengthens Your Brand Identity

If you’re trying to strengthen your brand, use video content to help visitors remember your identity. People remember up to 95% of a message that is delivered through video versus just 10% when the same message is delivered through written content. Therefore, the best way to get your message delivered is through video production.

Videos provide a powerful ability for your customers and potential customers to recall your brand. Producing valuable video content is one way for your brand to become more memorable in an otherwise diluted market.

  1. Video Entices Emotional Engagement

Videos can entice an emotional engagement like no other form of content can. The best way to connect with your audience on an emotional level is to deliver quality video content that they can’t help but connect with. A video can elicit a far greater emotional impact than written words. And, in a competitive digital world, you need to engage emotionally as frequently as possible.

  1. Video is Shared More Frequently by Influencers

Brand influencers have the potential to drive your business to the next level. If you really want influencers to share your message, you need compelling video content that connects with their audiences. Influencers love to share video. For maximum results, content marketing should include video production that is humanized, approachable and shareable with influencer groups. Studies show that products and services that are recommended by top influencers are 49% more likely to be purchased than those that are not.

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