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5 Types of Videos for Restaurants to Add to Their Marketing Mix

People love watching video almost as much as they love to eat!. If you’re a restaurant owner, there’s almost nothing better that to incorporate video into your restaurant marketing so that your visitors can both enjoy a good meal and enjoy a good video. Follow along as we show you 5 of the most common types of videos for restaurants and where you should add these videos to your campaigns.

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1. Client Testimonials

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Client testimonial videos are great for restaurants. If you have a repeat customer or several that come into your restaurant and love your food, consider asking them if they would participate in a filmed interview that captures their testimonial on camera.

Use client testimonials to share what the consumer has to say about your foot. Testimonials are a great way to increase visitors to your restaurant, especially if you’re new to the area or just opened up a new location recently.

2. Behind the Scenes

Sometimes, consumers worry about trying out a new restaurant because they are worried about the food and whether it will be safe to eat and good. Sharing a behind the scenes video of your restaurant helps potential customers see what you are up to behind closed doors in the restaurant. This is great for building a stronger interest in your restaurant.

Consider sharing details on how you clean the restaurant, how you prep food, what your cooking processes are like or any other facts that can be used to help build interest and trust in your facility.

3. Recipes

For social media, restaurants are finding that sharing recipes that use similar ingredients to the food they serve or even completely different (but close) renditions of meals offered at the restaurant in recipe form keeps viewers engaged.

Recipe videos should certainly not give away secret recipes but they do offer a great way to build content out quickly for a restaurant that’s just getting started with video.

4. Corporate Style Videos

Restaurants can create traditional corporate videos for their marketing mix too! Corporate videos for restaurants include sharing history details such as how the restaurant was founded. 

They may also be created to showcase certain members of the team, for instance a video may show the audience what it is like to be a part of the service staff at the restaurant or what it’s like to be the cook. These videos can be used on social media, the website, and in email to help build a stronger understanding of the chain.

5. Training Videos

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Restaurants can use training videos to help them improve the customer experience. Training their workers, including wait staff and cooks or line staff can improve the overall satisfaction that a customer has for you following their interaction between the staff and the restaurant.

Although training videos are not an essential element of marketing, they can be used by restaurants to maximize the power of the staff and crew to provide the best possible customer experience for anyone involved in their brand.