title ingenious ways to market your restaurant business

5 Ingenious Ways to Market Your Restaurant Business

The restaurant industry represents one of the greatest industries in the United States. People come together over food. But generating visitors and filling a restaurant with diners every day of the week isn’t as simple as it may seem. The restaurant industry is highly competitive and, if you’re not actively pursuing restaurant marketing strategies that include video advertising, social media marketing and a mix of online campaigns, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. These 5 ingenious ways to market your restaurant business will help you fill your establishment with hungry diners.

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#1 Share Bitesize Clips on Social Media

Social Media

If you’re not using social media to market your restaurant then you’re likely missing out on an entire crowd of potential diners that flock to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms for details on where to eat. Can you really afford to be missing out on entire groups of diners?

Social media marketing for restaurants represents a powerful opportunity for restaurant brands to promote their menus and the great service they provide to visitors. Various options exist to get your restaurant videos noticed on social media.

Consider sharing bitesize clips that:

  • Showcase menu items or specialty services provided by your restaurant.
  • Represent live action clips of food being prepared.
  • Share behind the scenes details on your kitchen–look how clean it is!
  • Provide customer testimonials from past diners that are happy with their meal.

# 2 Live Stream Your Events

You may not think of livestreaming your service but there is a whole host of people that would be interested in first seeing how your restaurant establishment handles a busy Friday dinner service. Show them!

Live stream video for restaurants represents a relatively new form of digital marketing that allows potential customers to step into your establishment for a quick view without leaving their house.

With the right deliver of live stream action from the kitchen, chances are they won’t watch from home for long! They’ll be in a rush to visit your restaurant and taste the menu offerings.

#3 Network with Local Food & Beverage Supporters

Your local chamber of commerce is a great starting point for you to get details on networking but don’t stop there. Share your restaurant with various community groups and do your homework to get involved in any way you can so that your restaurant gets noticed.

Local networking opportunities for those seeking to market their restaurants include:

  • Reaching out to local food bloggers.
  • Working with social influencers.
  • Getting listed on food apps.

#4 Use Customer Testimonials to Draw Diners In

Interview video production

Client testimonials represent an opportunity for those marketing a restaurant business to showcase both their happy clients and their restaurant. B-roll footage can show the meal and the establishment while you interview the happy diner that discusses what they enjoyed most about their meal.

Don’t mistake restaurant marketing to be all about the food. The community and the satisfaction that comes from happy, full diners is a major player in bringing hungry eaters to your establishment. Restaurant video advertising that includes the use of customer testimonial videos will draw diners in to your restaurant to get a taste for themselves.

#5 Compete with Other Restaurants with Corporate Video

Corporate video production for restaurants allows you to face your competition and deliver powerful content that will drive diners into your dining room. Show diners what your restaurant is all about.

Corporate videos for restaurants that are marketing online represent an ideal opportunity to boost awareness for the establishment, warm leads, and bring visitors in.

Consider the following types of corporate videos for a potential restaurant video production:

  • Corporate video profiles that showcase your restaurant establishment and the menu options you provide.
  • Promotional videos representing a special sale.
  • Customer testimonials that represent client satisfaction for your food and menu options.
  • Chef interview videos that showcase the credibility and history of a chef at your restaurant.
  • Behind the scenes videos that represent your industry and what it’s like to work in your kitchen.
  • Recipe videos that can be shared on social media to bring awareness to the types of food you create.

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