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Reasons to Hire a Charlotte Case Study Video Production Company

For consumers, hearing how much another customer trusts in a product or service, has benefitted from the brand, and finds a business credible is integral to building strong customer relationships that will result in conversions. In fact, as many as 95% of consumers state that they look to reviews, testimonials, and customer satisfaction reports before they purchase from a business or brand. Case study videos are an important marketing product that can generate consumer trust and credibility for your brand, but before you consider producing a case study video yourself with your smartphone or handheld camera, consider these reasons to hire a Charlotte case study video production company, first!

At Beverly Boy Productions, we work with Charlotte business owners to produce quality case study videos that show prospective customers how valuable the brand is and how much past customers or clients gained as a result of working with the brand. To learn more about hiring our Charlotte case study video production company to work with your business, give us a call!

Certainly there are many reasons to consider hiring a professional over attempting a DIY effort to produce a case study video of your own. We’ve listed a few here.

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  1. Professionally Filmed Interviews that Capture the Story of Your Brand

Hiring a Charlotte case study video production company provides you with a professional crew that will assist in the preparation and filming of interviews that capture the story of your brand so that you can share the details with your target audience.  With interviews being the backbone of any case study video, it’s vital that the interview be filmed professionally and that the narrative be captured in a way that can be used to display the desired trajectory of your brand’s story.

While you might be thinking, “I can film myself asking my customer questions, why do I need to hire someone to do it?” There’s so much more that goes into professionally capturing an interview video for a case study. There’s prompts, and carefully planned interview questions, there’s lighting to capture the customer in a way that presents their emotions and creates a powerful connection, there’s multiple camera setups and microphones and so much gear. It’s really not something that should be done with a phone!

  1. Expert B-roll Footage & Editing

Producing a case study video for your business is going to require advanced b-roll capture and editing. This goes beyond simply filming a few additional clips of your business or your product, the b-roll that is filmed by a professional film crew is going to accurately support the storytelling that is being created for the purpose of delivering your case study to the intended audience. There’s structure, cutaway shots, and expert planning from the pre-production to post-production processes. Working with a professional Charlotte case study video production company to assist with the editing is another serious benefit to hiring a pro over attempting to produce the case study video on your own. 

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  1. Local Understanding of Film Locations, Laws & Regulations

Hiring a professional Charlotte case study video production company to assist you with the creation of case study videos can have tremendous benefits particularly when you hire a local team to work with your business or brand. Local teams, like Beverly Boy Productions, understand the area which is essential to filming b-roll or capturing footage within the city, but it’s also valuable when it comes to things like understanding local film rules or regulations, too. If you’re not familiar with the rules of filming in Charlotte, you could find yourself facing hefty fines or penalties if you get caught producing a professional quality video inside city limits without proper permitting or without otherwise following local regulatory practices.

  1. Emotive & Logical Techniques that Get Your Message Across to the Target Audience 

Working with professional film crews out of Charlotte will ensure that you get more than just a haphazardly produced case study video – you’re going to get professionals that use emotive, logical techniques to get your brand’s messaging across to the intended audience. A professional Charlotte case study video production company knows the importance of using emotions to connect with audiences and to share stories about the businesses or brands that they are representing with their video content. If you’re not familiar with how important emotions can be when it comes to the production of a case study video, consider the following:

  • 95% of consumer decisions are subconsciously driven by underlying emotions.
  • Emotions control social influence.
  • Emotions influence the decision-making process and the urge that people have to act.

If you’re not familiar with the process of integrating emotional connections with your video content, you could miss out on huge opportunity to connect with your target audience and this is the entire purpose of producing a video case study!

  1. A Team of Creative Professionals On Your Side

Certainly, if your business is in marketing, advertising, art, or a variety of other fields, you probably already have creatives on your side, but do you have a team of professional creatives that have expert experience in film production? Probably not!

Hiring a Charlotte case study video production company to work with you on the production of a professional quality case study video for your business puts an entire team of creative professionals with expert understanding of film production and video marketing on your side. If you want to be successful in your efforts to use video case studies for your business, hiring a professional crew is key. Give Beverly Boy Productions a call!