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Creating a Brand Identity Video that Reflects the Authenticity of Your Brand

You know your brand best, which means the videos you create should be nothing short of perfection when it comes to defining your brand. Yet, many business owners find that producing a brand identity video which directly reflects the authenticity and unique underlying elements of their brand isn’t as easy as they had thought it would be. Not only must you be concise, but consistent as well. From the incorporation of your logo, company color palettes, and typeface or fonts to the overall tone of the video, your brand represents the inspiration behind your brand identity video.

If you’re thinking about creating a brand identity video, you’ve certainly come to the right place! Before you begin the planning process, or decide on a production company to work with for the shoot and post-production editing of your brand identity video, it’s important to plan your content out according to your brand. We’ve got some tips to help you plan the perfect brand identity video that reflects the true authenticity of your brand.

Creating a Brand Identity 

If you’re trying to figure out where to begin, chances are you don’t have a brand identity for yourself yet! Before you could possibly incorporate your brand identity and messaging into your video content, you’ve got to have the details pre-defined for your brand. And since you know your brand best, this should be more of a formality than anything!

Creating your brand identity is really a matter of asking yourself some pretty basic questions about your business or brand. They should be pretty easy for you to answer, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to think about your responses! As a general rule, your brand identity is going to form around the following:

  1. Start by researching your target audience. 

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Understanding your market is essential to building your brand. You need to know who your potential customers are and who your competitors are. Review relevant websites and social media profiles to get an idea of who your competitors are and how they engage with customers. 

  1. Define the personality of your brand. 

This includes crafting your positioning statement which generally goes something like, “For (target market), (brand) is the (point of difference) among all (competitive market segments) because (reason).” Another positioning statement might be something like, “We offer (product/service) for (target market/customer) to (value proposition).” Whatever your unique value proposition is, it should be incorporated into your branding! 

This is also where you will begin to think about the wording that you will use to associate with your brand. For instance, if you were to imagine your brand is a person, what would he or she be like? What kind of words would you use to describe your brand? These might be things like expert, reliable, and professional or outdoorsy, energetic, and strong. You can use any words to describe your brand, just make sure you come up with some wording and you stay consistent.

  1. Choose the Look for your Brand.

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Colors are an important part of your brand identity. Incorporating those colors into your brand identity video will help your customers come to recognize the video to reflect your brand even if only subtle elements of your brand are incorporated into the video content. When choosing colors that reflect the identity of your brand it’s important to consider the following:

  • Colors define the feelings that are conveyed by your brand. Consider the psychology of colors as you choose the hues that you wish to represent your brand.
  • Colors can evoke certain emotions among your audience. For instance, yellow is the color of optimism whereas blue is the color of trust and strength and green represents growth, health and peace. 
  • It’s generally best to choose 1 or 2 complimentary colors that can be utilized as the primary colors of your brand and then a couple additional colors to accent the palette.
  • Don’t be afraid to try out different shades of a particular color as you define your brand’s color. 
  1. Choose Fonts that Align with Your Brand.

The next step to producing a brand identity video is to choose the fonts that will be used for any of the wording or text overlays that are incorporated into your video content. Make sure that the fonts you choose match those that you choose for your website, written materials such as letterhead, and other branding materials including brochures or off-site content.

When choosing a font, you want to keep it simple to avoid confusing your audience. It is generally considered best practice to choose two fonts at most to work with. You will use one font throughout your branding for headings, and one for your body text. 

  1. Apply your Mission & Values to Your Branding.

Every great brand identity video is going to incorporate the unique mission statement and values that make your brand what it is. If you’re not sure how to incorporate your mission or values into your brand identity video, all you really have to do is turn to your “About Us” page and think about how you can carry over what you discuss there, into your video content. 

What motivates you to keep going with your business? What is it that is important about your company? How does your business contribute to society? What is the story behind your brand? Incorporating tiny details associated with these important questions into your brand identity video will help your audience to make the connections to your brand’s mission with the content you create. 

For instance, if your brand has a mission to help others, your brand identity video might show clips of humanity and support for the community as part of the connection to your mission. The overall tone of the video will be helpful, and community connected, proving that everything you do, from your marketing and branding to your everyday interactions with customers, you are focused on that core mission of helping others.

Ready to create a brand identity video that is going to directly reflect the authenticity of your brand? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call!