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Top Tips on Hiring Film Editing Companies

Film editing companies provide essential footage adjustments, transitions and the addition of special effects and media that brings your final film to life. If you’ve already captured the footage for a video project, and now you’re in need of a film editor, you may be considering the next steps to complete the project.

Hiring film editing companies that can help you with everything from video editing and proofing to preparation of your files for final distribution can be challenging, but we’ve got a list of tips to help you get going. 

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1. Consider Video Editing Companies Based On Your Individual Needs

Just because a video editing company claims they can provide post-production services, this doesn’t guarantee they can do what you need. As you seek to hire video editing companies that can provide the appropriate services for your production project, consider your unique needs regarding graphics, style, and special effects.

Make sure that you discuss these individual needs with each of the film editing companies that you consider, and review any associated projects that they can share in relation to your unique project goals.

2. Don’t Hire a Video Editing Agency Solely Based on the Demo Reel

A great demo reel is an absolute must for every film editing agency but it doesn’t always signify the level of skill that is present within the current company. People come and go. Editors come and go. When hiring a video editing agency to work on your post-production project, make sure that you look beyond their demo to see what they can provide from their current team of editors. Ask about projects directly related to what you intend to create, and review their skillset from recent projects rather than their demo.

3. Consider Video Editing for Hire, Closely

You may see video editing for hire mentioned online, through many different production companies, but again, use caution. Do not hire a video editor based solely on budget or the premise that they can provide something cheaper than everyone else. Cheap can sometimes be more expensive in the long run.

Costs Can Add Up

If you find yourself working with film editing companies that make mistakes, take excessive time to complete projects, or otherwise do not perform up to your standards, the cost could be significantly more than you initially budgeted–keep this in mind as you choose who to hire for your project.

4. Consider A Freelance Video Editor Only If They Bring Maximum Value to Your Project

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You may be thinking about a freelance video editor for your project, and it may appear at first like a good deal. There could be less overhead and they may even be able to immediately dedicate time to your project. Just keep in mind, that you should only consider a freelance video editor if they bring maximum value to your project.

Maximum Value

What is maximum value? That depends on your individual needs. You may value time, and the idea of having your video edited quickly. Perhaps you value graphics, and the individual you’re considering has the best ability to deliver special effects or graphics. Consider your needs and what you value most, and make sure that if you hire a freelance video editor, you’ve got a contract dictating everything you discuss in writing.

Where Can I Find a Film Editor Near Me?

Hiring film editing companies may seem like something that you can quickly and easily accomplish, you may even find a film editor in your area–which is great. As a general rule of thumb, you should first search online for film editors in your area or that are semi-local to your project. Working with a local film editor provides you the value of face-to-face meetings, interactions, and the ability to work together on the project. 

Keep All Options Open

However, there are also instances where hiring a film editing company that is miles away would make sense, especially if they bring maximum value and skill to the table. As you make considerations on who to hire and why, keep all of the above considerations in mind. The one thing you don’t want to do is hire someone that isn’t cut out for the job. 

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