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How to Build Trust with Video for Trustworthy Websites

Creating a sense of trustworthiness on your website can be hard. With so many fakes in the world, and so many websites that really cannot be trusted, the steps you take to build trust with your customers, clients or patients that visit your website are as vital to the success of your website as the design and development of the site itself. What if we told you that the most trustworthy websites build trust with video by facing their prospective consumers head on?

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Bringing a person-to-person experience that is easier to accept and trust to the forefront of the brand. Successful websites build trust among consumers by producing video content that puts a face to the brand.

Businesses and brands that have a friendly face associated with them are more likely to capture the attention of their audience. We’re going to show you how you can use video to build trust for your brand.

Build Trust, Face the Camera

Have you ever read a text message or email and thought, “Wow, I can’t believe she said that the way she did. How rude.” And then later found out that there was no rudeness to the text or email, you had just misinterpreted the information in the text because there was no visual or auditory context?

Essentially, you misunderstood the details because the content was delivered in pure text absent of any emotion. This happens with your website too. A brand that has a website that doesn’t include any human relation between the company and the consumer, that can add context clues to the story, can be hard to trust.

Content that is written without any visual or auditory compliment can be difficult to fully interpret. Videos that show yourself, your team, or ambassador representing your business on the screen can build trust with your audience much more easily than written content absent of any context cues can.

Even if you decide to hire special talent to represent your brand in videos, doing so allows you to add context to the content on your website and this creates a sense of emotion that is easier for outsiders to trust in.

People Respond to People

Have you ever delivered a message such as a mass email and asked for a response only to later receive very few responses from your audience? People have trouble trusting in content when there is a lack of true emotional connection to be had.

However, when you face the camera and deliver your message asking for a response, chances of a significant response rate are much greater. Build trust with video by sharing a familiar face with your audience.

They’ll be more likely to respond to your message and less likely to let the response slip through the cracks. 

Body Language & Other Context Cues

Remember what we said in the beginning about the lack of context cues in written text and how difficult this makes the content to resonate with, understand and connect with? The same is true for videos that lack body language or other context cues.

A video with you facing the camera and speaking is great, but body language and other context cues that you include in the video can literally make or break whether consumers are going to trust you. 

Make sure that the video content you share with your audience clearly depicts the emotions you expect the viewer to take away from the content. Use facial expressions, gestures, and other context cues to make your content feel more trustworthy. 

Because you cannot possibly expect to build trust with video content that does not clearly show the consumer the context cues that are vital to the video.

Ready to put your face in front of your audience and build trust with video for a trustworthy website that audience members will come to know and love? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today. We can’t wait to get started with top quality video content for your website.