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Why is Professional Production of Training Videos Essential?

Professionally produced training videos are essential to today’s classrooms, businesses, and organizations. They’re used in everything from teaching corporate talent how to perform essential tasks to helping students understanding complex concepts to engaging business professionals in routine development. Undeniably, professional production of training videos is an essential to the success of your team, your students, or your audience, but not just any training videos will guarantee success.

It takes professional production of training videos, with profound knowledge of both the production process and the editing process to ensure content that resonates with your team & results in the training that is essential to your success. Unfortunately, not all film production companies are well-versed in the professional production of training videos, and while you might be wondering why professional production of training videos is so important it’s absolutely essential for you to understand that not all production companies are alike.

Why Hire a Professional Production Company?

Hiring a company to help with the professional production of training videos is your best bet to guaranteeing the success of your team.  Only a professional fully understands how to leverage the power of video alongside the engagement tactics of VR, AR and similar interactive experiences to provide you with a fully immersive and powerfully engaging video that delivers training your team will love.

As a top training video production company, Beverly Boy Productions is committed to helping you achieve your training goals. To learn more about the professional production of training videos and the importance of incorporating video technology into your training programs, give us a call!

Here’s why you really should hire a professional production company to assist you with the production of professional training videos:

  • Professionals have the equipment and tools to create captivating training videos that make a positive, professional appearance for your business.
  • Professionals have the experience that it takes to create top quality training videos that utilize the latest technology, features, and engaging elements.
  • A professional will know how to create content that your audience is going to find valuable. They know how to tell a story.
  • Professionals have the support of a full-service team to ensure you get the maximum creative value.
  • Professionals know the techniques that are important to producing videos that demand your viewer’s attention, deliver powerful information, and retain the audience from beginning to end.

Certainly there are many other potential reasons for you to consider hiring a profession. Production of training videos requires understanding of all aspects of filmmaking, including pre-producing, filming, and post-production editing. And, they know the best practices that are important to producing a quality training video for your team.

Professional Production of Training Videos Follows Best Practices

Following best practices is essential to the overall effectiveness of any training videos that your film crew produces for your team. Fortunately, professionals follow best practices when producing training videos ensuring the best chance for successful outcomes. They’ll consider the following essential practices of producing training videos:

  • Identification of a Core Message.
  • Identification of Learning Goals & Outcomes 
  • Knowledge of the Target Audience
  • Understanding of Video Styles 
  • Knowledge of Training Video Types
  • Strong Ability to Write a Script & Create a Storyboard
  • Understanding of Rehearsal and the Importance of Practicing Ahead of Production
  • Use of Top Notch Equipment & Production Tools
  • Understanding of Video Success Metrics 

These and various other best practices are essential to the successful production and outcome of your training videos which is why we recommend hiring a professional. Production of training videos certainly isn’t something that is learned or picked up on overnight!

Training Videos Are Powerful & Engaging

With effective use, training videos can be incredibly valuable to your team. They can actually be quite powerful, particularly because of what scientists call the “Pictorial Superiority Effect,” or in other words, because the use of pictures and words combined results in significantly stronger information recall. So, where the typical training seminar or session might result in your audience retaining about 30% of what they learn, with training videos you can expect significantly higher retention of information in the 65% range even after several weeks or months of the training taking place.

Training videos are incredibly engaging, too. In fact, today’s training videos can include a wide variety of interactive elements that increase viewer engagement significantly. With various features such as hotspots, links, and fully immersive 360° video experiences, professionally produced training videos grab the viewer’s attention and hold it for the duration of the experience.  

Hiring Team Beverly Boy

If you’re still struggling with what to do or who to hire to help with professional production of training videos that are essential to your team’s success, you’ve come to the right place! Team Beverly Boy has film crews with vast knowledge in training video production and experience in filming worldwide. To learn more about working with our team on a training video that’s going to provide your team with the essential skills and knowledge they need in order to achieve, give us a call! We can’t wait to help you and your team succeed!