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5 Reasons to Use Automotive Sales Training Videos in Your Dealership

The use of automotive sales training videos in your dealership can have a number of potential benefits, particularly as automotive sales training is an ongoing practice at many dealers with news sales people entering the business rather regularly. Providing training via video certainly has a number of benefits for the dealership and for the sales people. If you’re interested in reducing your training costs, improving your training outcomes and increasing sales at your dealership, you should be using automotive sales training videos!

At Beverly Boy Productions, we can assist you with the production of automotive sales training videos that are perfect for teaching your sales team how to engage the customer and build a relationship that leads to a sale. Give us a call to learn more about producing automotive sales training videos that are right for your dealership.

If you’re still pondering whether or not sales training via video is the right choice for your dealership, consider these top reasons to incorporate the use of automotive sales training videos into your routine.

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  1. More than 80% of Learning Takes Place Visually

According to recent research, more than 80% of learning takes place visually which means if you’re not providing a visual training program, you’re really only delivering about 20% of the training that you think you’re delivering! A combination of audio and video works best to train large audiences like your sales team which is likely made up of very different people that are all goal driven. By providing automotive sales training videos that offer insight into sales training via audio visual components, you’re providing a more effective approach right from the start.

  1. 80% of in-Person Sales Training is not Retained after 60 Days

If you really want your automotive team to take the training you provide and run with it, you’re going to have to a) provide training on a rolling, habitual basis and/or b) make sure that training is available on-demand for your sales team to engage on their time. If you’re not providing opportunities for your sales team to actively engage in video sales training on their own time, all the time, you’re probably going to have a sales team that hasn’t retained their training a month or two down the road.

Video on demand, particularly that which can be provided in an automotive sales training video library, allows your sales team to train on a revolving basis so that they don’t forget what they learned a month from now. And, since we naturally retain more of what we learn via video, you’re already giving your sales team a better chance for success by training with video over other formats.

  1. Video Communicates more than Just Sales Training

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Did you know that most salespeople spend about 71% of their time doing non-sales related work? That’s right, your sales team isn’t selling most of the time! The majority of the time they are building leads, fostering relationships, and otherwise interacting with prospects as they warm up and work their way closer to a sale. But this time is NOT spent selling! 

Video communicates more than just sales training and, since your team is going to spend more than 2/3 of their time not selling, it’s only fitting to provide training on the other tasks that they’ll be spending the most of their time on!

  1. Video Encourages Peer-to-Peer Learning

Did you know that by making your automotive sales training videos available on-demand via a library you’re encouraging peer-to-peer learning which also happens to be how most students engage? Video encourages peer-to-peer learning and sharing! The more your sales team shares the content they appreciate from your training with others, the more the rest of your team is going to gain from the training that you’re offering. It’s a win/win for you!

Consider making all of your on-demand sales training videos sharable so that your employees can engage and share them with one another. You also should focus on teaching the concepts of relationship building, listening, and engaging with customers in addition to selling.

  1. Video is More Likely to Attract Your Sales Team

If you hand your sales team a book and say, “learn it,” the likelihood of them gaining anything from it is slim to none. The reality is, most of the team won’t read the book and those who do will almost certainly only recall about 20% of what they read. But with automotive sales training videos are different! When your sales team watches a video, they’re going to recall upwards of 90% of what they watched and learned. They’re also going to be more likely to engage simply because it’s video and not a book!

As you can see, there are many major reasons to use automotive sales training videos in your dealership over other forms of training content. If you’re ready to get started, give Beverly Boy Productions a call to begin producing top quality automotive sales training videos that you can use to teach and train your team!